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Sunday, June 22, 2008

~We Have Moved~

For the last year I have been using Blogger to run Blue Collar Blogger. Not any more. The name is changed and so has the host. I have chosen to switch due to the features that WordPress offers over Blogger. Even with the New Blogger Draft that hit a few months back it is still too limited. I like options. Plain and simple. Blogger offers easier blogging but that does not mean that WordPress is not easier. You are able to configure and monitor your blog more like an administrator. Blog of a Geek is still Christian. The more we grow the more we know. The more we know the more it shows. If you are a regular visitor then you know that over the last year my writing has gotten better. I hope that you will find this new site to be fun, thought out, and written so that anyone can understand what is being said. It is a blog for everyone!


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