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Friday, May 30, 2008

72-272 Down!

This morning started off somewhat rough. I had an interview that seemed very promising. The interview ended in my history taking out the opportunity to work for this particular organization. So have a great interview I was shut down. I cannot lie, I was in shock for the next 30 minutes or so.
No time to soak in sorrow though. I had to go take my 72-272 exam in about and hour. So I drive to the test site and and sit in the car for about thirty minutes doing a quick cram of info. The whole time I was taking the interview I knew that I was about to fail exam. My confidence was rattled. This is the time that I prayed for help with my thoughts. Not to help me pass the exam but to not badger myself over the interview.
I was pleased to find that I passed the exam! While I am fully capable of doing PC maintenance and repair it is nice to have paper behind you to back up what you say. To be able to say that I am an MCP is truly great! My next one is already scheduled for the 18. Great things are coming.
The company that interviewed me is also still looking for a career for me. So with in a few months things could be be better of financially.

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