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Monday, May 5, 2008

Credit Up Credit Down!

The last couple of months I have become serious about rebuilding my credit. While I do not pay a professional to tell me who to send my money too I am using is only free for about two weeks) to keep track, dispute, and control my credit. So far I have made some progress. My credit did show a score of 563 and in just two months I have pulled it to 575. In Tennessee 580 gets you approved for a bank loan of small numbers. I write this not to brag but warn people.
ANFI Inc is a collection company that will sock it to you and do so illegally. In early 03 I had a debt with AT&T for about 137 dollars. I managed to get it squared away but today when I checked on my credit I saw that a bill for 137 was there from ANFI INC. I owed no body that little! SO I researched then company. Google their title name once and scroll down to see how this company operates. Four pages comments from victims who received hits to their credit due to bill that the knew nothing about. This company buys out 11 year old debts and then tries to make people pay it. Wrong as can be but it is happening. So keep up with your credit and know what you owr and to who you owe it.

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