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Monday, May 19, 2008

Finals Week

Finally! After 10 weeks it is time. Tonight I took my first final of this term. I took my A+ Software final and passed with a 97. That gave me an overall 98 for the class. I have to more to go this week before moving onto to a horrible term. A term filled with Spanish, Business Math, Written Communication, and a little light with Network +.
I was at school two hours early tonight. I saw all my friends who looked so afraid of failing their finals. They were so stressed out. I myself was stoked. Pacing until it was time. I was ready. I had studied up! All my ducks were in a row. I couldn't understand how everyone was so nervous about what was about to happen. They new it was coming why were they not ready?! It was at this point that I had a realization.... These people remind me of the lost.
People have known that Jesus will return for around 2000 years. Yet people are not ready. Not just the lost but also the saved who are not ready. The ones you would never think would slack do. Now the day of the finals people are freaking out. Be ready people. I hope that I can get excited about Jesus like I do the finals. I have to do three things to be ready....

1. Be Saved- This is given. It is hard to be excited about Jesus if you are not walking with Him.

2. Understand Him- This means to read His Word, pray, and look at influence that He has on everything.

3. Wait for Him- This is the same concept that kids have on Christmas Eve. Want to see Him. Wait for His arrival everyday. Getting excited comes with time. The closer it gets the more excited we get!

I want to get a passing grade fro Jesus when the "BIG FINAL" comes around. Do you?

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Jacob said...

Congrats on your A+ on the A+. :)

I've had similar pre-test experiences. They make a great opportunity to testify of peace in Jesus Christ. Even when I'm not sure I'm fully prepared, I can be confident in Christ, because He's in charge of the big picture.

Howd'ya like business math? I'm a mathematician myself, but I prefer the down-to-earth stuff.

Peace! --Jacob