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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tough Week So To Speak

This week started out just perfect. A score of 97 on my A+ Software Final, my daughter learning to laugh, and just all around fun! Then they tapered. I was sold the wrong part by Digitek and when I asked about was kicked out, my 70-272 final was average at 79, and work is a litte slow. However it all went good.
I now have the parts, a couple of new vendors, and an A on the 70-272 class.
My week may not go planned. But God still lives! Good or bad times he is still there for us !


Travis Foulks said...

I have business math this term. Hopefully it will go good.

This post shows, by the bad grammar, that it was late and done on my cell. LOL.

Thanks for the positive and uplifting messages my friend. They help alot!

Anonymous said...

hope for the best next week,all the days are not same...all the best
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