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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tips to Lockdown your PC!

Do you have trouble sleeping at night for fear of hijackers, keyloggers, and other little nasties that could cause damage? Well here before you are a couple of tips to get your PC as tight as a whistle.

1. Strong Password- Don't go over kill. At one time it was believed that passwords resembling B10g$p0t (Blogspot) were the perfect passwords. I beg to differ now. A great password would be a phrase that is 15characters long. Put a number in there somewhere. Here is an example of a very strong password....
Do not use spaces. Just run them all in together. This is stronger than the Blogspot password above. Try it out and see. Also if you have a phrase it takes less time to search the keyboard for uncommonly used numbers and you are alot less likely to forget the password than the manipulated word.

2. Use a limited account- Do not sign on with an Administrator account . It is simple. The more access to a system that a hijacked account has the more damage can be done. The most significant reason to using limited user accounts is that you cannot do certain things. Download, download malicious software, download...... you get the picture. If you trust a site and you want to download something then log onto as administrator. Malicious programs can download in the background with out you ever knowing it. Using a limited user account keeps this background software from downloading. Do you see now!

3. Get good AV- Anti virus protection is not created equally. You will want to find an AV program that uses Hijacker Prevention Technology. Do not be confused onto thinking that Prevention and Detection are the same. detection will tell you when you are hacked. Prevention will help to stop the hijacker from entering. Lets say some one is breaking into you house. All you have is an alarm that will sound but not notify the police. That alarm doesn't help. Get AV that use Prevention so that when the intruder cracks a window open the alarm sounds and the police are on the way. This is the way to go!

For more tips on security leave a comment. Use your Firewall, AV, passwords, and for crying out loud don't go to site that you shouldn't be at.

No time to proof read! Look over the typos!

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