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Monday, May 26, 2008

Vista, Vista, Vista

I learned something new about Vista this weekend. I am complete unable to access Vista's Recovery Console. Now I try to explain to people why it is so very important to keep all the software that comes with their PC's every chance I get. I tell them that for the very reason that I wish I had mine. One day you will need them. It is not that I lost my Boot CD. I never had it. I was lead to believe that Sony had built the Recovery Console into the comes hidden partition. I should have known better. The partition actually has recover data, restore c(I lose all my data-ALL OF IT), Hardware Diagnostics, and System Restore. That is about as useful as potato chips to a thirsty man lost in the desert.
I managed to mess up badly while in Alabama this weekend. I choose to go to Ubuntu 7.10. 8.04 is a little too new(Windows got me with the hype, no one else will). I started to receive a couple of error messages that all were addressing Beryl. No biggie. After oking a few things I began to fly though the windows. When I was about to the last Windows I noticed that the error had the following words in it... boot and grub. Too late. I had clicked to fast.
After the installation claimed to fail, I restarted to find that it had upgraded. However no Windows. All that was left was the loader. I can see the NTFS file partition in Linux but cannot access it. So what is my solution. Maybe bye bye Linux. Has much as I had to say that I may just run a virtual box. My solution to the issue is to download Windows Vista Recovery Console. You can do it here. I recommend it.
I just got through with the download so now it is time to run FIXMBR and kick the Grub. Once I can access to Windows format the partition that is FAT32 to NTFS and be satisfied.What a mess huh? If you need to get Vista's Recovery Console you can get it at "The NeoSmart Files" for free! This is a very handy tool if you work on any PC or Notebook that needs restoration! It is also available in 64 bit!Good stuff here guys!

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