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Monday, March 31, 2008

More Free Software That I Love!

If you have ever stopped in from time to time you may have noticed that I am big on Open Source Software. I am even more fond of it when it is a replacement for a mediocre or just a down right bad service of Windows. So I will be providing you with four great apps and an OS that you could be some what familiar with. So a total of five great open source software/OS's that you should check out.

1. Security Task Manager- Windows actually makes a pretty decent app with Task Manager but this software goes beyond the call of duty! It not only lets you view actions, programs, and errors but also lets you remove malicious apps or entries. If you are not sure that is safe to remove the issue this app has a Google button so you can learn what is going on. It digs deep into your system so that it access the hives and tells you if you have malicious registry entries. Give this one a download and you will not regret it!

2. Helix- If you do any administationyou will want this app. You can boot into a customized Linux environment or Windows to wirk with this app. It includes customized Linux kernels, excellent hardware detection and many applications dedicated to Incident Response and Forensics. If you have a problem this will solve it! Lose you log on password? This can recover it!

3. Mozilla Firefox- Yes I often tell you guys about this one. In fact the download at the bottom of my blog will start you on the road to better browsing. For those of you familiar with IE7 you will think that Firefox ripped off IE. Wrong! Microsoft did what they do best! Rip off something great and then make it worse! It's the Windows way! What is Mozilla? A web browser! Where is it from? Co-founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen, was the original developer of Netscape's popular Mosaic browser. Marc like any great developer decided that Mosaic could be better and must die. Hence you get Mosaic Killer aka "Mozilla". The rest is history! Firefox will eventually replace IE as the most popular browser. In fact it is used by over 55% of my visitors! You get more security, faster browsing, constant updates, more themes, and better add-ons then with IE! Better browser hands down!

4. Foxit PDF Creator- Adobe you make me ill! Why must you charge so much for a service that is free?! Open and create your own PDF files with this freeware! Cannot say much more besides this..."Anything with the word Fox in it seems to rock!"

5. Linux Ubuntu- This is the OS I was telling you about. Linux is getting easier to use. People who are trying it out are walking away saying WOW(which Vista as failed to do to people)! I fully believe that Linux will one day be the OS of the future. Not convinced by such simple words? How about these words...Free, Free, Free! Everything about it is free. Well if you pay for direct customer support you pay but why bother when you have forums all over the net that are written by Linux lovers to help you have a brilliant experience with Linux! Guys not only is Linux free but so is the software! If that doesn't catch your eye then I don't know what will. The greatest thing about Linux the customizing that you can do. If you use Linux you will learn it, love it, and make it personal.
This OS is RELIABLE! Since Super Bowl Sunday I have been dual booting and not once have I had a crash or a freeze(cannot say that about windows). Not sure if it is for you? Down load it and put it on a CD to make a Live CD. That means put it in your CD ROM and take it for a test drive. You can boot from the CD anytime you choose and never install it!Dig that!

Trying Something New. AGAIN!

Many woes have come to me due to the fact that I am fickle! I can and do move on from activity to activity like it is going out of style. I guess that is one of the reasons that I have welcomed the internet into my life with open arms. I am able to go from site to site and do very different things with ease.
So what is my new fix?
Working Windows!
This forum is designed with the intention to help myself learn common and not so common issues with Windows and to help people get their issues resolved! So pray that I take alot if this new site and am not too quick to move on! Thanks!
Feel free to come and tell about the common problems that you may have or had with windows so that we can build up our forum to help more people do more things.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I finally picked my candidate.

The primary race that we have watched unfold in front of us this year has been unbelievable! I am very pleased to have been able to see such a tight and hard fought battle. Democrats have been beating on each other in a way that reminds me of how Rocky used to punch meat in the factory freezer. I have seen enough now to know which way I will go.

You see, I like the fact that our economy seems to due better under the Democrat party. I am not a big fan of their standards on abortion and being so easy on drug dealers but I am in favor of the economy growing. This race has been tight. I tried not to pick a candidate in an ignorant manner and I believe that I have done a pretty good job of researching and looking past the media. The media is favoring Obama and I mean big time. I believe that they should remain neutral but that just won't happen. So I have looked past them as much as possible.

With the smoke that the Democrat race has supplied it was not easy to look for the proper candidate. After reading statement after statement, watching video after video, and reviewing voting records throughly I have come to the conclusion that I must switch my political view, at least for this race, and endorse McCain.

I feel that McCain is not the best man for the job but that he is the best candidate running in this election. The choices are not to great. I waited as long as I could hoping that one of the Democrats would pull me in their direction but that never happened. This one came down to morals and beliefs. While I feel that our economy would be better off with a Democrat I cannot endorse Hillary or Obama with any confidence that they are going to lead us in the right direction.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I now know!

I am the worst writer in the world! I can proof read something 3 times(like I did the previous post) and still not spell right or still leave words out or leave letters off. It's okay. I normally notice it a couple of days later though! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sign Then Drive....

There is no doubt in my mind that this past Sunday every church saw a spike in attendance. We ran out of bulletins, people had to find somewhere new to sit to accommodate the visitors who arrived before Sunday School was out, and people who you have not seen since the third Sunday in March of last year have now shown up to shake hands, shout amen, and drop alittle money in the collection plate. I assume that you, assuming that you attend church regularly, witness something similar to what I did.

As I was sitting there it I could help but to think. Come to think of it, every time of year that we witness an attendance spike I wonder why? Why so many people chose to flood the church on Easter and Christmas then disappear? I know that if I want to see them in church again it will be alittle while before Jesus has a birthday or celebration of his resurrection. I wonder to myself,"What do they get out of being here twice a year?" Does it seem to them that if they show up twice a year that their commitment to God is renewed for that year? Do they mistake the church for a fashion show? One in which they go to Sears and buy that dress that they probably won't ever wear again? You know that dress that is called the Easter outfit all year until Easter next year when another one is needed! Guys we do is too!Don't you have an Easter suit? You better get on if you don't!All the colors of spring overflow from the sanctuary. It reminds me of a Crayon box that has had a cardboard cross cut and pasted to the top of it.

Don't get me wrong. I know that this may be one of those post that gets and an anonymous comment telling me something like, "God know whats in my heart so He knows that I love Him!" My point is what do people get out of it? Can you get anything from showing up twice a year? There is a commercial that is on TV alot right now. It is a car company that is offering Sign Then Drive! Basically if you have good enough credit you can come in, look at car, if you like it sign the paperwork, and drive off with no payments for a while. How does this relate? Let me share with you my second thought....

What if instead of coming in and just looking at a car you actually signed then drove off with it? See where I am going? No? Okay here it goes. Instead of coming into church to shake hands, sing, and clap why not come into church with the intentions to take Jesus with you! All you have to do is Pray Then Walk! Pray for Jesus to be your savior & buddy and walk out with Jesus beside you. As opposed to walking in and feeling religious for a little while. Why not engage into a loving and fulfilling relationship with God? Don't just come in and look pretty. Come in and get charged up to take Jesus back out of those doors and let him live inside of you and through you. You have been approved! You have this co-signer who is willing to pick up your debt everyday! You have nothing to lose! Just Pray Then Walk!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do What He Says!

I was checking out the "Ten Commandments" on ABC tonight and about the time that Joshua fled and found Moses in the wilderness, it hit me. What if we really don't listen? What if Moses never went to the bush that never was consumed by the fire? What if he was too concerned with the way he looked after coming down from Mt. Sinai, to complete what God had given him to do! Things we do or don't do that could and usually do have serious effects on our lives and those around us face us all. We just have to do what God says if we are to make the right decisions.

If Moses never went up the mountain then he would not have found out God's plan for him. Moses no doubt knew that God had a plan for him. He felt the desire that we all feel. We are pulled to wondering what is going on, who is really behind the wheel. By listening Moses found the answers that he sought. He meet God. I remember the day that I was saved I heard the call that I had several times yet ignored the voice that called me everytime . I went that day to silence the guilt and the hopelessness that I had inside of me. Moses had to do the same. If he had chosen to run from the calling of God; I believe fully that Moses would have eighter gone crazy or lived a life in which he was miserable and confused till the day he died.

When I went to the alter I came up different then when I went down. Yeah I know that most of you are expecting to here me say,"I was a new creature", and I was, but I came up with tears down my face and so many mixed emotions. Moses came down from the mountain with a faced the let everyone that he had just seen God. Hair that reflected what he had seen. If Moses would have came down and realized that he was different then when he went up and it freaked him out then he would have done what I thought about doing when I got ready to get up. He would become afraid of what people would say about him and might back down from what God called him to do. Fear is crippling to a Christian and no doubt that Moses could have been so afraid that he would have denied to do anything else that God elected him to do( had he been concerned with his looks more than God).

Without obedience to what God said then His chosen people would have to wait for some one else to be elected by God to save them. People would have died a senseless death everyday due to the rule of the Egyptians over them. If we do not do what He says then we will no doubt be kept in the same bondage that the Hebrew salves were and die after living a non purpose driven life. Listen and obey what God says to you. It is the keys to freedom and purpose.

Should I Blog if.......

I read a post earlier today that dealt with those who blog yet they shouldn't. This person claimed that she would not blog if she did not get 40+ comments each day. She stated that she visited a blog from time to time that never seemed to get any comments at all. She said that there is no way that should could blog and not people to respond. I have a different view.

Blue Collar Blogger will never rank number one on any major blog stat sites. I don't really care though. A blog is nothing more than a web-log. That is what blog literally means. I do not get alot of hits each day. The most I have ever had is 40 something. However my web-log reflects my thoughts, my life, and my faith that drives all of these things. If I only had one view over the last nine months or so I would be fine with that. This blog is a success.

I do not measure success like the rest of the world. I do not wish to get so many comments that I cannot conversate with my users. While some will not blog for more than a couple of weeks without 200 hits a day; I would blog with zero.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Heart Goes Out!

Today a fellow blogger and a close friend of mine suffered a huge hit in his life. It is one of those things that is easy to lose control and to get frustrated on but no this guy.
My friend's job was at a company called Sports Belle. Sports Belle distributed jerseys and other athletic equipment. They even provided the uniforms for Tennessee's basketball and football teams. Well Sports Belle caught fire last night. This means that he may be out of work for a little while. I would freak out. Not my buddy though.
My friend said that no one was hurt and that is what was important. My friend commented on a news blog and the only thing he was upset about was that the local volunteer fire departments were not getting printed for their efforts to help fight the fire. I was blown away by this. I would more than likely be ranting and raving about poor pitifully me. I would demand to know what happened and deep down inside be looking for some one to blame. Not my friend.
My heart goes out to my pal who is a model citizen, a great friend, and the type of Christian that you could watch and learn what it is to be humble. Now he of course would dispute what I have said about him. He would claim that he is not that important and just trying to fight the battle with Jesus by his side. No credit, honor, or glory is ever taken by this guy. He can decline the compliments but the value that he and his wife bring to me and my wife is something that he cannot denounce.
My heart goes out to my friend and I pray that he will rebound fast and move forward(I know he will). I would say that if you need anything you can call and ask but we all know that that would be pointless. You don't ask for anything unless you ask for it in prayer! Just know my friend that we here at the Foulks House value you and your wife and we are even bold enough to say that we love you guys!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Favorite Online Stores!

I am in the middle of one of my blogger blocks. Yes that is just like a writer's block. While this post may seem generic it is true none the less. These are stores that really get me reaching for my wallet!

5. Ebay- Yeah it is alittle different then an actually store but I love the fact that you can buy some great used or new stuff for next to nothing (sometimes).

4. Tiger Direct- This is a very popular store in which you can find many many electronics for a good price. I think my favorite thing about Tiger Direct is how they set up there bare bones computers.

3. Target- While Target as actually stores all around where I live, I love the set up and simplicity of their website! It is just fun to shop at their website!

2. All Things Remembered- I only shop at this store for my wife. They have things that you know she will grow fond of and quickly. Ladies they have nice stuff for us also!

1. And my favorite store is..............NEWEGG!- I love this place! The prices, the selection, the website, the customer reviews! Everything about this site rocks! Go and check them out sometime!

Seven new sins - The Vatican

Lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth, anger, envy and pride! You have heard of these! I know you have because everyone as. Did you hear that the Roman Catholic Church now as Seven NEW deadliy sins! I hadn't. If you want to learn more then click here and go to learn more about this matter at Bene Diction Blogs On.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Web Site

I am planning to take my Comp TIA A+ and MCP exams around June. Around March of next year I am going to take a few more exams. After receiving my books for the classes to help me get prepared for them and after about an hour of looking through the books, I had gained confidence that I could pass the test today. After looking around I found two site where you can take pretests. One stood out. It stood out because it is free! All you do is register and then you are free to take test.

One of my favorite and least favorite things about the site is you can take 5 to 50 questions at a time. I would like to be able to answer more than fifty but hey it is nice if you all have 10 minutes to answer a quick 5 and see where you stand!

If think you are tech savvy(and most do even if they are not) go and visit and see what you know.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Are We Bigots?

Bigot-a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

I have been hearing the word bigot thrown around for along time. It is one of those words that people have been just using the word and not really considering what it means. Most Christians I know despise sin. Yes they claim to. Why? Because sin is against God. However we do not commit bigotry by simple not liking something. Atheist will tell you that they despise Christians who try to force their beliefs on you. They have no problem with religion except when it is pushed on others.

Most Christians I know are not able to be pushed under the category of bigot. We shouldn't push our beliefs on you. Does this mean that we should be silent about what we believe. No because then we are cowards. We have the right state what we believe and hope that others believe it. Like democrats and republicans we have a right to say what we believe to be wrong, prejudice, and immoral. We have the same rights as everyone. Because we believe in things that cannot be scientifically confirmed then we are bigots. My friend that is not what a bigot is.

A couple of years ago there was a big issue because a man had John 3:16 (it read JON 316)on his license plate. The man who was prosecuting claimed that it was pushing a religious belief on him and his children. He argued that the state had given the license plate and therefor this was a violation of separation of church and state. Now if the state gives no funding and simply issues a plate with a saying that a man wants on it is the state in the wrong? Church nor state were involved in the matter. It was his personal preference! Now the state would be involved if they were to say he could not have this plate because it was religious affiliated? Well this man had to give up his plate in exchange for a non religious one when it was all said and done. That is bigotry my friends.

It is unacceptable for people to expect anyone to sweep their faith under the rug so that no one else sees it. I myself have two Christian bumper stickers and would get a third if I liked it enough. I like to think that I do wear my faith on sleeve. It may not be loud and obvious at times but I like people to know that I am Christian. It lets them know what to expect out of me and that I follow God! My actions speak the same(atleast they do sometimes) Because I talk to some one about my faith or operate a Christian blog sit does not make me a bigot.

Suppressing of ones religious beliefs, gay bashing, saying that some else is ignorant for having a different opinion that you, or stereotyping by saying that the Christians are bigots is committing an act of bigotry. Think about who is really intolerant to others.