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Monday, March 31, 2008

More Free Software That I Love!

If you have ever stopped in from time to time you may have noticed that I am big on Open Source Software. I am even more fond of it when it is a replacement for a mediocre or just a down right bad service of Windows. So I will be providing you with four great apps and an OS that you could be some what familiar with. So a total of five great open source software/OS's that you should check out.

1. Security Task Manager- Windows actually makes a pretty decent app with Task Manager but this software goes beyond the call of duty! It not only lets you view actions, programs, and errors but also lets you remove malicious apps or entries. If you are not sure that is safe to remove the issue this app has a Google button so you can learn what is going on. It digs deep into your system so that it access the hives and tells you if you have malicious registry entries. Give this one a download and you will not regret it!

2. Helix- If you do any administationyou will want this app. You can boot into a customized Linux environment or Windows to wirk with this app. It includes customized Linux kernels, excellent hardware detection and many applications dedicated to Incident Response and Forensics. If you have a problem this will solve it! Lose you log on password? This can recover it!

3. Mozilla Firefox- Yes I often tell you guys about this one. In fact the download at the bottom of my blog will start you on the road to better browsing. For those of you familiar with IE7 you will think that Firefox ripped off IE. Wrong! Microsoft did what they do best! Rip off something great and then make it worse! It's the Windows way! What is Mozilla? A web browser! Where is it from? Co-founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen, was the original developer of Netscape's popular Mosaic browser. Marc like any great developer decided that Mosaic could be better and must die. Hence you get Mosaic Killer aka "Mozilla". The rest is history! Firefox will eventually replace IE as the most popular browser. In fact it is used by over 55% of my visitors! You get more security, faster browsing, constant updates, more themes, and better add-ons then with IE! Better browser hands down!

4. Foxit PDF Creator- Adobe you make me ill! Why must you charge so much for a service that is free?! Open and create your own PDF files with this freeware! Cannot say much more besides this..."Anything with the word Fox in it seems to rock!"

5. Linux Ubuntu- This is the OS I was telling you about. Linux is getting easier to use. People who are trying it out are walking away saying WOW(which Vista as failed to do to people)! I fully believe that Linux will one day be the OS of the future. Not convinced by such simple words? How about these words...Free, Free, Free! Everything about it is free. Well if you pay for direct customer support you pay but why bother when you have forums all over the net that are written by Linux lovers to help you have a brilliant experience with Linux! Guys not only is Linux free but so is the software! If that doesn't catch your eye then I don't know what will. The greatest thing about Linux the customizing that you can do. If you use Linux you will learn it, love it, and make it personal.
This OS is RELIABLE! Since Super Bowl Sunday I have been dual booting and not once have I had a crash or a freeze(cannot say that about windows). Not sure if it is for you? Down load it and put it on a CD to make a Live CD. That means put it in your CD ROM and take it for a test drive. You can boot from the CD anytime you choose and never install it!Dig that!


Jacob said...

Oh, yeah. I'm using Firefox as I type, and I also run Foxit's PDF reader. I wasn't aware that they had PDF creation software. I may actually have a need for that this summer...

I used to Linux (like, 8 years ago), and have had Ubuntu strongly recommended to me. But right now I don't really have the time to install another OS and temporarily put my computer out of commission. Maybe one of these days. :)

Continue in the Word!
Peace. --Jacob

Travis Foulks said...

Well your version of Foxit should have the ability to create a PDF doc. I have always call it creator but the proper term is reader. Now with that said, do not download any software named Foxit creator. It is out there but much like spybot search and destroy there is a malicious copy out there. If you download the wrong copy you will know it when you try to open a PDF doc.
To create a PDF doc you create a doc in Open Office or Word>then change the file extension to PDF. It should then open in PDF readers with read only permissions.
Switching to Ubuntu is easy my friend! If you don't have the time or like me,know that you need a version of Windows, then a create solution is Virtual Machine. You operate an OS with an OS! Any changes or tweaking is saved on virtual hard drive and cannot affect your Real OS. This requires nothing but a download from Microsoft and a Live CD of Linux. If you need any assistance then let me know and I will give you a safe link to download from and step by step instructions! If you have any software that you use that is not on here let me know so that I may test it! :) and blog it!