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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sign Then Drive....

There is no doubt in my mind that this past Sunday every church saw a spike in attendance. We ran out of bulletins, people had to find somewhere new to sit to accommodate the visitors who arrived before Sunday School was out, and people who you have not seen since the third Sunday in March of last year have now shown up to shake hands, shout amen, and drop alittle money in the collection plate. I assume that you, assuming that you attend church regularly, witness something similar to what I did.

As I was sitting there it I could help but to think. Come to think of it, every time of year that we witness an attendance spike I wonder why? Why so many people chose to flood the church on Easter and Christmas then disappear? I know that if I want to see them in church again it will be alittle while before Jesus has a birthday or celebration of his resurrection. I wonder to myself,"What do they get out of being here twice a year?" Does it seem to them that if they show up twice a year that their commitment to God is renewed for that year? Do they mistake the church for a fashion show? One in which they go to Sears and buy that dress that they probably won't ever wear again? You know that dress that is called the Easter outfit all year until Easter next year when another one is needed! Guys we do is too!Don't you have an Easter suit? You better get on if you don't!All the colors of spring overflow from the sanctuary. It reminds me of a Crayon box that has had a cardboard cross cut and pasted to the top of it.

Don't get me wrong. I know that this may be one of those post that gets and an anonymous comment telling me something like, "God know whats in my heart so He knows that I love Him!" My point is what do people get out of it? Can you get anything from showing up twice a year? There is a commercial that is on TV alot right now. It is a car company that is offering Sign Then Drive! Basically if you have good enough credit you can come in, look at car, if you like it sign the paperwork, and drive off with no payments for a while. How does this relate? Let me share with you my second thought....

What if instead of coming in and just looking at a car you actually signed then drove off with it? See where I am going? No? Okay here it goes. Instead of coming into church to shake hands, sing, and clap why not come into church with the intentions to take Jesus with you! All you have to do is Pray Then Walk! Pray for Jesus to be your savior & buddy and walk out with Jesus beside you. As opposed to walking in and feeling religious for a little while. Why not engage into a loving and fulfilling relationship with God? Don't just come in and look pretty. Come in and get charged up to take Jesus back out of those doors and let him live inside of you and through you. You have been approved! You have this co-signer who is willing to pick up your debt everyday! You have nothing to lose! Just Pray Then Walk!

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