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Friday, February 29, 2008

Only Me and My Wife(Conflict of a Geek).........

We have some issues that we just cannot resolve. They are issues that most would never encounter but in the Foulks House it is everyday. Here are the five things that we encounter that no one else deals with counting down to the most the frequent issue....

5. She doesn't want our lives to be a remake of "Revenge of the Nerds."

4. We have more CRT monitors sitting on the front porch that we do TVs and they have been there for months.

3. That while in the house I still use the iPhone to check mail and browse web sites. My Viao is normally three feet away.

2. Cutting a hole in the bathroom wall to have a slide out laptop stand that includes an IBM Thinkpad. Every one should have one if you ask me.

1. Wanting to name my firstborn son Linux. This tends to go bad when I bring it up!:)

Something New Parents Should Know!

In the last two weeks I have enjoyed learning how to interact with my newborn. during the day it is easy! They are fun to watch and make you remember how blessed you truly are! It is not so easy when it is 2 a.m., you only have one eye open, the baby is crying, the bottle warmer is taking too long(5 minutes seems like forever at that time of night), your toe is battered and busted from the door jamb that you slammed toe first into, your robe is hanging half off and some how the belt is through your sleeve and around your neck, and the back of the robe is some how locked in a way that a rocket scientist couldn't figure out why it won't fall down. That is the time when you have to learn how to interact with you baby.

It always seems like everyone is wanting to give parenting advice. Some people you welcome it from, some you know that you should probably listen and then disregard it. I have a friend that is much younger than I. This friend has no baby, nor has he ever that, he knows of. Yet, he is an expert on kids after watching Cheaper by the Dozen. Do not take all advice people.

Sometimes our baby has a hard time sleeping. That is unless she is in the bed with us where she can sleep on our chest(FYI:they do this to hear the heartbeat). We have committed a cardinal sin people! Out of the 120,000 people who give us their professional opinions all of them agree on one thing. Do not let your baby sleep with you. Why? Because they will never want to stop. They will eventually! There will come a time when your child will not want to walk with in 20 yards of you in a public place.So to think that they will want to stay in that bed forever is not so.

We know of one person who says it is okay to let the baby sleep in the bed with you. Out of everybody who is saying not to let a baby sleep in the same bed as you, guess how many of them have said they have let their kids sleep in their bed with them?! All of them that I have spoken to! Here are the top five things that people have told us to do or not to do and we went the other way and why we did.....
1. Don't let them sleep in the same bed as you.
Because this does so much damage. You may have to split your bed!
2. You have to breast feed.
No you don't. We tried it and guess what?! It is a lot easier with a
bottle for everyone involved. Baby, mom, and me!

3. Be sure you burp her every at least three times for every oz she drinks.
Sometimes it is not feasible to take away the bottle. We do it every two
oz. Some times we get one burp, some times two.She is fine.

4. Every time she sleeps you need to sleep. Every time!
We don't have a maid! We have work to do. A nap every now and again is
great. Babies sleep 90% of the day. I cannot do that! Can you?!

5. Don't pick her up everytime she cries. You will spoil her. This is the worst. It may be good for their lungs but I am not about to
let a baby cry until she is choking and red as a strawberry. A whimper
is one thing. Crying is another. Let them make sounds and whimpers.
Full fledged ear-rattling cries demand immediate attention.

You may or may not agree with all these. However it is my child and three things matter the most to me...
1. She lives and is safe.
2. I raise her like the Bible says to.
3. She knows that we love her.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Isn't that just creepy!

We worry about people seeing us commit acts that for no apparent reason would make you uncomfortable if people would see you do it. How would you like it if a store was to record you on a camera that ran online 24 hours a day! Everything you did was laid out for the world to see. That is the case with most businesses that have online security cameras. This is list included but is not limited to churches, parking lot, market square areas where there is alot of action, roller skate parks, hotels,c-stores, and even in peoples houses.
Yes, my friend without a doubt something that you have done was recorded without you knowing it at some point in your life. Creepy as it is it happens. It creeps me out like it does knowing that someone as a picture of me that I don't even know exist. Look through your pictures and see how many you have taken with people in the background that you do not even know. Now how often do you think that as happened to you. This is on a whole different level.
Google maps does not bother me because it is old. They claim to keep updated pictures but the truth of it is that they have beens showing the same picture of my parents house for years. I know that the picture is at least 10 years old(the pool is not in the picture). This is live motion cameras that can and do record you without you even knowing it. So get excited!

To see what I think is so creepy just google the following.....
The just click on any of the links that come up and see where they take you. It is wild where some of them will take you if you.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Separation of Church and State....

We are going over the Constitution in American Government. When it came to the part about Church and State I was sucked into the text. It wasn't long before I came to a new conclusion about separation of Church and State. It is a good thing if we would use it right! If we look at it in the original text we can see two points of view.

1. The framers didn't want religion in the State. Why not?! Most of the framers were religious people. Religion had an influence in their lives. Most have been quoted saying things that hint toward religion or written other writings where profession of their faith. So to say that the framers wanted to keep religion from the State is a little strange.

2. What if the framers didn't want the State to corrupt religion? This seems to make more sense to me. If we keep in mind the literal translation of the Constitution and do not get to sucked in to the living and constantly changing Constitution that the supreme court has created. We will pay notice that the State is kept from influencing religion by the separation of Church and State. It is my belief that the separation of church and State is designed to keep the government from controlling the church. To keep religion pure and not defiled. If we could just use the law for what it should be used for then the law would benefit all!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Check these Guys Out!

I found this website and instantly went head over heels! I myself love technology and the only thing that is better than a great gadget is hacking it to make it go beyond the call of duty! If it is transforming your wii remote into a mouse, use your PC for a space heater, cook a turkey using DVD-Rs and a light bulb, or using a real guitar in Guitar Hero, or converting your Nintendo DS into a smart phone you would love these guys. The site is called Household Hacker. While their site is not overflowing with posts yet it is impressive.


I have not been on here to blog in a little while. Today I had alittle time but made the choice to do some update. I lost some items and the one I should have lost a long time ago was adsense. Pointless unless you have 45000 hits a day/ I did however keep the links that will take people to a Fire Fox download page. Why? Try Fire Fox sometime.
The look is different but the content is the same. So if you a still looking for that reading to help you fall asleep on the couch we are still here!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Voice........

Praise God for I am blessed!
My eyes are tired and burn from lack of sleep,
Praise God I love my life,
My throat is raspy and I believe I am getting sick,
Praise you God for my health!

God my job is about to be cut,
I know that you will provide me with a new one.
My daughter is healthy and I am pleased,
Because of you she is perfect.

Praise you God for all you have done,
Thanks for the family,
Thanks for the house,
Thank you for the salvation.

I see my friends who are bitter and sad,
They don't see you are in charge!
Don't be angry and allow me to shine to them,
Let me be a beacon of light.
Don't let me fail you Lord!
My honor is great,
I am afraid everyday of not being holy.
I don't pray like I should,
I don't praise you all day.
I am ashamed to be depressed,
Because you have blessed me so much.

If I am afraid then you will deliver me,
If I am cocky you will crush me!
Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


My plans were to post on Friday. I have given up on blogging everyday for now and am content with blogging a couple of times a week. I was planning to post on Friday but due to the fact that I am now a Dad that is least of priorities. I am going tp e taking a short(2 days to 2 weeks) break on post. This is due to a need to of being a new dad.My daughter was born on Feb. 14, 08 at 8:51 pm . Get this. She weighted 10lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches long! One big baby! So don't think that I have gone awol. Just taking a few days off to realize my blessing@

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am ANGRY!!!!!

I was going around from blog to blog, reading some good post and just have some much fun that I felt like my house should be home to the GOP(Grand Old Party). Then all of a sudden I was angered. Beyond belief. I have never been this disappointed at any web site in my life. This is the website of a church! A church! This came from people who claim to love God. A bunch of scripture quoting un-compassionate thugs. Yeah, I am writing angry.

I have never said this about any person or Church before that claimed to be Christian, but there is a first time for everything, They are not Christians! You will know them by their Fruit! That fruit is Peace, Hope, Understanding, Acceptance, Help, and Love! Not hate! My God is not a God of hate! He does not hate you! He does not hate gays! He does not hate killers, nor liars, nor any sinner under the sun! He hates SIN! SIN not the PERSON!

This my friends is the reason why so many people say that God is dead! They say that He doesn't care! They call us bigots, hypocrites, lairs, fake , and all that other fun stuff you have heard your entire life. There is a reason for this!

Westboro Baptist Church this is looking at you! Put yourself under the microscope and see what you are! I am hurt, I am stunned, I am betrayed, I am more upset than I have ever been!

People who don't know God please do not think that this is what we are all about! We want to be your brothers and sisters. If you have been hurt by a church like this one then please forgive us. We should have watched better and gave fair warning! Not all people who say they are Christians really are.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Goths!

These are from a close friend's My Space page. I absolutely love these pictures! God loves every one and every one He loves equally. I think that the stating of faith that the Christian Goths display is fantastic(not just words but through actions). Which is why I wanted to share some of these photos with you.
Just to be honest here. I am still not to sure that I 100% understand the Christian Goth Community but I am however able to understand that they work with us to spread the Word. I try not to be too judgmental and try to remember that God made us all different. Just because I don't understand some one does not mean that I should not accept them!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Uber Bowl Sunday?!

Today is the day. It all comes down to this. Two very different teams face off! On one side we got the high flying Windows Vista on the side we have the underdog Linux Ubuntu 7.04 aka Feisty. This one proves to be a battle. Windows is a good OS(at least to me) but the curiosity of Linux is getting to me. This epic match up started months ago. With the arrival of the Ubuntu Live CD via snail mail.
Since October of 07 Linux has occasionally been booted. My only issue being my user failure of not being able to properly install the 3D-accelerated videocard drivers. Why am I struggling with it? I don't know. I locate the nvidia-glx package, mark it for installation, apply it and download it then run the proper command(or so I think): sudo nvidia-xconfig -add-argb-glx-visuals; then follow the prompts. Save then reboot. To my surprise I have failed every time.
However my stubborn side is not to let it go. I fully believe that will a little more effort I may be able to properly install my videocard drivers and manage to run Beryl like I am longing for. In case you have never witnessed Beryl you have to look no more. The picture you see above is the real deal.
I have always used Windows. Me, XP, and Vista. I have used them. I want to see a change and am looking forward to change. Here is the kicker though! I am going to control the best of both worlds. Dual Boot Baby! Yep!

Super Bowl Sunday!

Yeah baby! For those of you who don't know I am a football buff! I played with about 20 people until a couple of months ago. In high school I was a line man. When I played with my friends I had managed to earn running back and on defense they played me at defensive end or linebacker. I watch my mighty Vols every game. Pay Per View, ESPN, WVLT(The Vol Network) I watch them all. I love my Titans, love the Colts, Like the Redskins, despise New England. I am a small Giants fan. I cheer for them on occasion. Today I will be fully pulling for them to shut down the perfect run of New England. Why?

1. I have watched New England win way to much. Enough is enough. How good can one team be. I remember when I was growing up and the big thing (when I started to watch football) was the 49ers who were lead by Steve Young. What a QB he was. The Pats remind me of the domination that they had. However the Pats are more publicized.

2. Manning. I think that any one with the name Manning is entwined with great throwing ability in their genes. Peyton went to Tennessee which for some reason sways me to Eli. I really wanted to get him at Tennessee. Didn't work out but hey. People have been saying that he is not has good has his big brother Peyton. I will not dispute that. The numbers favor Peyton for now. Except for one. It took Eli only three years to reach the Super Bowl. I think (don't quote me on this) nine years. Not only that but does he have to be has good has Peyton. Eli is his own man. Why does he have to be has good has Peyton. He is in the Super Bowl. That is what counts.

3. Spy Gate! Yep I said it. People want to sweep it under the rug like it is nothing. Some want to down play it. Cheating is cheating. Last year Shawn Merriman got caught taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. He was suspend for I believe 6 weeks. Then at the end of the year he was given an award. What! Why do we give teams or players who get caught cheating an award or allow them to play for a championship. That makes no sense to me.

4. Plaxico Burress Verse Randy Moss- Yes they are both receivers and you will not see them on the field at the same time but I feel like this is the make or break deal. Moss is great down field. When it comes to nickel and diming the field I would take Burress. Here makes those quick catches that are needed to move the chains. If you could pair the two up on the same team you would have a dynamic duo that would Batman and Robin feel second rate.

I am not only rooting for the Giants. Guys I predict a win. Yep. I am going to go out on limb. I think you will see a close game. I believe that the score will end with the Giants on top. It will end one of two ways. The Pats will get shut down on 4th down while being down 31 to 35. I think that the other way for this game to end will be overtime. I see maybe a finally score of 34 to 31. Giants way. I am set in stone on two things. Both teams will score thirty points and the Giants will pull out the upset.
The Giants have played the Pats twice this year and both times played hard. New England has looked good in the playoff but come on guys. The Giants went to Green Bay and won a game that they played hard for 60 minutes. They Giants have been playing good ball. Lets put on our jersey's, grab our lucky football, sit on the couch and watch some big hits!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Three FREE Downloads That I Now Love!

I was doing my little internet surfing thing. I managed to get alittle bored so I did what I love to do. Search for free-ware! I found two that are nice utilities and one that I went ga-ga for.
Back when my Vols were playing I went for a TV Tuner. Needless to say that after the lovely 115 dollar investment I was headed back to the store with in a day. Reception was horrible and I managed to get 5 and half station. Half of the picture on one was snow. So I went in search of a free-ware program that would allow me to watch TV. It didn't take long to get a surprise....

1. ANY TV. Simply....AWESOME. I have more channels than I care to count. Any type of sport is there. I can even watch Skateboarding 24 hours a day! If you one of those guys from Swap Blog you can watch Aljazeera(spell check that)TV(Just playing, I think). If you like Revelation then they have two channels dedicated to studying them. They break the different stations down into different categories like..
Channel, Genre, Bitrate, Rating, and comments. To put it simply I love this download!

2. Restoration- Ever done one of those bone headed file or picture deletions and then deleted it from trash only to find out a little while later that out you needed it later. I have! If you haven't then you are lucky. Restoration helps you to recover that information. Thats right folks. It can pull your file or pic back from the grave. It can be useful. I put it on my jump drive. How often will I use? Hopefully never but it is nice to have!

3. DoubleKiller- How many photos do you have on your PC that you have doubles. Never seems like you can find the time to delete the extras. I mean in between My Space, Halo 3, and all that time you send reading my blog you are hard pressed. Right? Anyway let DoubleKiller find those duplicates and remove them. Of course it will ask you if you are sure so no worries. Play and walk away! Not only works with pics but also files.

Of these three I have absolutely a heavy favoritism towards ANY TV. Maybe you can use them maybe not. I can!