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Friday, February 29, 2008

Something New Parents Should Know!

In the last two weeks I have enjoyed learning how to interact with my newborn. during the day it is easy! They are fun to watch and make you remember how blessed you truly are! It is not so easy when it is 2 a.m., you only have one eye open, the baby is crying, the bottle warmer is taking too long(5 minutes seems like forever at that time of night), your toe is battered and busted from the door jamb that you slammed toe first into, your robe is hanging half off and some how the belt is through your sleeve and around your neck, and the back of the robe is some how locked in a way that a rocket scientist couldn't figure out why it won't fall down. That is the time when you have to learn how to interact with you baby.

It always seems like everyone is wanting to give parenting advice. Some people you welcome it from, some you know that you should probably listen and then disregard it. I have a friend that is much younger than I. This friend has no baby, nor has he ever that, he knows of. Yet, he is an expert on kids after watching Cheaper by the Dozen. Do not take all advice people.

Sometimes our baby has a hard time sleeping. That is unless she is in the bed with us where she can sleep on our chest(FYI:they do this to hear the heartbeat). We have committed a cardinal sin people! Out of the 120,000 people who give us their professional opinions all of them agree on one thing. Do not let your baby sleep with you. Why? Because they will never want to stop. They will eventually! There will come a time when your child will not want to walk with in 20 yards of you in a public place.So to think that they will want to stay in that bed forever is not so.

We know of one person who says it is okay to let the baby sleep in the bed with you. Out of everybody who is saying not to let a baby sleep in the same bed as you, guess how many of them have said they have let their kids sleep in their bed with them?! All of them that I have spoken to! Here are the top five things that people have told us to do or not to do and we went the other way and why we did.....
1. Don't let them sleep in the same bed as you.
Because this does so much damage. You may have to split your bed!
2. You have to breast feed.
No you don't. We tried it and guess what?! It is a lot easier with a
bottle for everyone involved. Baby, mom, and me!

3. Be sure you burp her every at least three times for every oz she drinks.
Sometimes it is not feasible to take away the bottle. We do it every two
oz. Some times we get one burp, some times two.She is fine.

4. Every time she sleeps you need to sleep. Every time!
We don't have a maid! We have work to do. A nap every now and again is
great. Babies sleep 90% of the day. I cannot do that! Can you?!

5. Don't pick her up everytime she cries. You will spoil her. This is the worst. It may be good for their lungs but I am not about to
let a baby cry until she is choking and red as a strawberry. A whimper
is one thing. Crying is another. Let them make sounds and whimpers.
Full fledged ear-rattling cries demand immediate attention.

You may or may not agree with all these. However it is my child and three things matter the most to me...
1. She lives and is safe.
2. I raise her like the Bible says to.
3. She knows that we love her.

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