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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Isn't that just creepy!

We worry about people seeing us commit acts that for no apparent reason would make you uncomfortable if people would see you do it. How would you like it if a store was to record you on a camera that ran online 24 hours a day! Everything you did was laid out for the world to see. That is the case with most businesses that have online security cameras. This is list included but is not limited to churches, parking lot, market square areas where there is alot of action, roller skate parks, hotels,c-stores, and even in peoples houses.
Yes, my friend without a doubt something that you have done was recorded without you knowing it at some point in your life. Creepy as it is it happens. It creeps me out like it does knowing that someone as a picture of me that I don't even know exist. Look through your pictures and see how many you have taken with people in the background that you do not even know. Now how often do you think that as happened to you. This is on a whole different level.
Google maps does not bother me because it is old. They claim to keep updated pictures but the truth of it is that they have beens showing the same picture of my parents house for years. I know that the picture is at least 10 years old(the pool is not in the picture). This is live motion cameras that can and do record you without you even knowing it. So get excited!

To see what I think is so creepy just google the following.....
The just click on any of the links that come up and see where they take you. It is wild where some of them will take you if you.

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