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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday!

Yeah baby! For those of you who don't know I am a football buff! I played with about 20 people until a couple of months ago. In high school I was a line man. When I played with my friends I had managed to earn running back and on defense they played me at defensive end or linebacker. I watch my mighty Vols every game. Pay Per View, ESPN, WVLT(The Vol Network) I watch them all. I love my Titans, love the Colts, Like the Redskins, despise New England. I am a small Giants fan. I cheer for them on occasion. Today I will be fully pulling for them to shut down the perfect run of New England. Why?

1. I have watched New England win way to much. Enough is enough. How good can one team be. I remember when I was growing up and the big thing (when I started to watch football) was the 49ers who were lead by Steve Young. What a QB he was. The Pats remind me of the domination that they had. However the Pats are more publicized.

2. Manning. I think that any one with the name Manning is entwined with great throwing ability in their genes. Peyton went to Tennessee which for some reason sways me to Eli. I really wanted to get him at Tennessee. Didn't work out but hey. People have been saying that he is not has good has his big brother Peyton. I will not dispute that. The numbers favor Peyton for now. Except for one. It took Eli only three years to reach the Super Bowl. I think (don't quote me on this) nine years. Not only that but does he have to be has good has Peyton. Eli is his own man. Why does he have to be has good has Peyton. He is in the Super Bowl. That is what counts.

3. Spy Gate! Yep I said it. People want to sweep it under the rug like it is nothing. Some want to down play it. Cheating is cheating. Last year Shawn Merriman got caught taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. He was suspend for I believe 6 weeks. Then at the end of the year he was given an award. What! Why do we give teams or players who get caught cheating an award or allow them to play for a championship. That makes no sense to me.

4. Plaxico Burress Verse Randy Moss- Yes they are both receivers and you will not see them on the field at the same time but I feel like this is the make or break deal. Moss is great down field. When it comes to nickel and diming the field I would take Burress. Here makes those quick catches that are needed to move the chains. If you could pair the two up on the same team you would have a dynamic duo that would Batman and Robin feel second rate.

I am not only rooting for the Giants. Guys I predict a win. Yep. I am going to go out on limb. I think you will see a close game. I believe that the score will end with the Giants on top. It will end one of two ways. The Pats will get shut down on 4th down while being down 31 to 35. I think that the other way for this game to end will be overtime. I see maybe a finally score of 34 to 31. Giants way. I am set in stone on two things. Both teams will score thirty points and the Giants will pull out the upset.
The Giants have played the Pats twice this year and both times played hard. New England has looked good in the playoff but come on guys. The Giants went to Green Bay and won a game that they played hard for 60 minutes. They Giants have been playing good ball. Lets put on our jersey's, grab our lucky football, sit on the couch and watch some big hits!

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Travis Foulks said...

Well I was wrong as could be about the score but I did pick the Giants right and I also picked the Pats to end with the ball. Really can you count the one second left on the clock?! Bill really messed up not going for the field goal. 29 yards and the game could have been tied. Remember the one I am talking about. 4th and like 13 and he went for it. That is what we call a boo-boo!