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Friday, February 1, 2008

Three FREE Downloads That I Now Love!

I was doing my little internet surfing thing. I managed to get alittle bored so I did what I love to do. Search for free-ware! I found two that are nice utilities and one that I went ga-ga for.
Back when my Vols were playing I went for a TV Tuner. Needless to say that after the lovely 115 dollar investment I was headed back to the store with in a day. Reception was horrible and I managed to get 5 and half station. Half of the picture on one was snow. So I went in search of a free-ware program that would allow me to watch TV. It didn't take long to get a surprise....

1. ANY TV. Simply....AWESOME. I have more channels than I care to count. Any type of sport is there. I can even watch Skateboarding 24 hours a day! If you one of those guys from Swap Blog you can watch Aljazeera(spell check that)TV(Just playing, I think). If you like Revelation then they have two channels dedicated to studying them. They break the different stations down into different categories like..
Channel, Genre, Bitrate, Rating, and comments. To put it simply I love this download!

2. Restoration- Ever done one of those bone headed file or picture deletions and then deleted it from trash only to find out a little while later that out you needed it later. I have! If you haven't then you are lucky. Restoration helps you to recover that information. Thats right folks. It can pull your file or pic back from the grave. It can be useful. I put it on my jump drive. How often will I use? Hopefully never but it is nice to have!

3. DoubleKiller- How many photos do you have on your PC that you have doubles. Never seems like you can find the time to delete the extras. I mean in between My Space, Halo 3, and all that time you send reading my blog you are hard pressed. Right? Anyway let DoubleKiller find those duplicates and remove them. Of course it will ask you if you are sure so no worries. Play and walk away! Not only works with pics but also files.

Of these three I have absolutely a heavy favoritism towards ANY TV. Maybe you can use them maybe not. I can!


Team Swap said...

It is more likely we will be watching ESPN 8 (the Ocho) and live natural course luge from the Upper Volga region, but yeah we will wear out some crazy TV.

bfine107 said...

I'll have to check out that double killer.

Thanks for stopping by my site by the way, and feel free to add me to whatever.