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Thursday, January 31, 2008

God- Good, Bad, or Neutral.

I was speaking with a fellow college student of mine last night. He is a good guy. He seems to have a good amount of knowledge and can explain things fairly well. The only thing is that he tends to think that you know nothing about everything so he tends to cover some things that are not entirely needed. We had our first theological talk last night before class. He had some interesting views. He attends church, told me he had accepted Jesus, and that he believes 100% in God. Somehow our conversation managed to go astray and he began to share some of what he thought about the Bible and the character of God. Here what we spoke about...

1. Evolution- Now him being a Christian, it was kind of odd for him to be standing up for evolution. Not completely unheard of but rare. We talked of David and Goliath. The fact that he believe Goliath not be a giant but just a really tall guy seems reasonable. After all isn't that what a giant is? A really tall person. He stated that Jewish people were much shorter back then. I accept that. Remains that have been found confirm that. He used that a platform to say that we could have evolved. He believes that while we were not a distant relative of apes we were probably just really short and hairy. Basically we evolved from 2 foot tall midgets that were really hairy. Now let me establish this...This is not the main focus of the blog but what was leading up to the main subject in which we didn't see eye to eye.

2. The Bible was probably written by a mad man. We have no way of knowing for sure who wrote the Bible. It is more logical for him to believe that a mad man wrote the Bible about God. Now why anyone would be a Christian and believe that the Bible was written by a mad man is beyond me.

3. Jesus was good. Well we can all agree on that. That statement however lead to the final topic of our discussion.

4. God is neutral. He believe that God is not just. He believes that God commits enough good to be called good but enough bad to be called bad making Him Neutral. He believes that the Egyptians being flooded when they crossed the sea is bad act on God's part. He believes that the destroying of huge cities and groups of people by God is wrong. He believe that making everyone speak a different language is wrong. Now he believes that God has done some great things. He compares them and gets the conclusion that God is not good, or bad, but neutral.

I see things much differently here guys. God is just. Yes you have heard that all your life. He is a fair God. We have penalties to pay for our disobedience. We have to face the music. When we disobey and are punished for it we cannot say that God is wrong. We have to face what we caused. God has laid down the law. We have strict guidelines on what we can and cannot do. Justice will be delivered. He does not just kill people for no reason. He always has a reason for what He does. To find it you need only to look back at His word. His word tells us that the Egyptians were told to let the slaves the go. They went after the Hebrews(slaves) with the intent to kill them. God protected His children. He devoured those who sought to destroy His chosen people. This is the way it is. If you saw a sign that said bridge out and yet you drove over it only to fall to your death, could you say that those who put up the sign where not good? You have to listen to God and obey Him other wise there will be direct consequences. You may not always see them has clear as you will at other times(like with the Egyptians) but for every time you do not listen to God you will be punished and it is just. Because God is good and just.


Writer, Splinters of said...

I find it quite odd that such a person as you spoke with considers themselves a Christian, yet considered God ‘neutral’ whereas his definition of God does both good and bad would actually make God a ‘sinner’ as man is. Also, considering the idea that a ‘mad man’ wrote the Bible instead of ‘men inspired by the Holy Spirit’ seems to draw the conclusion that there is no way for this guy to even know if he is a Christian or not, simply because the Bible which tells us ‘about being a Christian’ is merely a ‘mad man’s work’. Sadly, there is no way for this guy to put ‘faith’ in the God he claims to ‘believe in’ simply because a God that can sin, meaning ‘do bad’, is not a God that can be trusted with eternal security, for He could just simply ‘do a bad thing’ and send all mankind to hell instead of ‘a good thing’ and save all that put their faith in Christ. But then, ‘putting faith in Christ’ may only be the ‘mad man’s view’ of salvation and may not be the right or only way to God after all. I think this guy needs so serious prayer.


Travis Foulks said...

I agree. I don't see how some one cannot believe God to be good and 100% of the Bible to be true and inspired by God then say that they Christian. It was an interesting and eye opening experience. Makes me wonder how many people I worship with believe similiar things or equally shocking things.

Pams Stuff said...

Yes, God is good, God is just. He is in control. Hallelujah!