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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it wrong to rip CDs or download the wrong way from Lime Wire?

I have a buddy who is in the music industry. He is a Christian. He does not pay for music he uses. Never has. He borrows cds from friends and then rips to his collection or he uses Lime Wire and downloads his music for free then goes through all the copying, burning and sharing. I have never done this through Lime Wire or any other place. I don't honestly know what the difference is between downloading them illegally or the legit way. I just pay for my music then listen to it(usually through iTunes). He has stated that he knows it is illegal. He actually told me how he has always done it and got by with it.
My question is how is this seen in the eyes of God?! It seems that we download or get free music without paying the artist and think it is okay. Would you go into walmart, grab a cd, then walk out with it? I hope not! Stealing is stealing in my eyes. The "everyone does it defense" does not hold up in the court of law nor does it before the throne. Go buy your music. Look at it has another way to separate yourself from the world.


Anonymous said...

yes, its wrong. im sure most bands would not be grateful if you told them that you downloaded a cd of theirs for free. they have families and need money. if everyone downloaded or burned cds, the whole music industry would shut down. its a chain effect. even if you aren't a Christian, its bad morals.

not to mention you can be fined up to 10,000 dollars per, you might as well pay 99 cents for it to begin with.

Travis Foulks said...

Well the you is not necessary. I pay for mine. I agree with you though. It should not been done because it wrong. It is stealing.