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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Will you be there?

This is it folks! It has all come down to this. The final game of the year! 4th and goal from the twelve yard line. The Commanders are down 21 to 17. Two seconds left on the clock. This one was all but wrapped up. Now the Commanders are knocking on the door. If they get this they win. They will enjoy the spoils of victory. The glory will become theirs!
Here comes the snap. The QB rolls out to the left, he has had such a great day. He looks. No one is open. Here comes the pressure. He makes one miss! He spins past another! He rolls back to the right HE SEES AN OPENING! IT IS CLOSING FAST! JESUS IS OUT IN FRONT! HE HAS A BLOCKER TO LEAD THE WAY.HE POINTS AT JESUS To BLOCK THE DEFENSIVE END! HERE COMES THE LINEBACKER! BOOM!!!! WHAT A HIT! Did he get in? Did he make it? The line judge says no! The Commanders lose! If only he had let Jesus lead the way and take out the linebacker. He didn't trust his blocker to lead him to victory. What a shame. He fell short with inches to go. The senior in his last game made a bad call.
Every body has to make a choice. This may be the worse comparison I have ever done but it is still true. Let Jesus lead. Follow Him! Nothing good will ever come out of us following our own ways or trying to tell Jesus where to go. It will never work. It will get us into serious trouble. The road is straight and narrow. Just follow Him. It is not has hard has some people make it out to sound. Follow HIM!

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