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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Should Christian Couples Have Children?Swap Blog

When I was writing the last post it reminded me of a post I read at a better blog. Yes, yes Swap Blog. 99.9% of the blogs out there are composed of better writers, thinkers, and story tellers than I could be. Anyway here is a segment of the post they posted awhile back. I suggest you finish reading this one....

Marriage and kids

Are Christian couples compelled by God to have children? That question seems to arise a lot in today’s world, so what are the feelings of the Christian blogosphere on this?

God ordained marriage to be between a man and a woman, honesty hurts sometimes people. He also ordained marriage to be a means of procreation........(more)

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Frank said...

Thanks for the link and the complement about the blog, though I am not sure it is true. Hopefully you will get some more discussion on this then we did.

Stay strong, be courageous, and serve God in all things.