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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New iPhone Update Gets A Big + and A Big -!

I did my normal routine the other day. I sit on the couch and placed my Vaio ever so gently on my lap(of course I had first placed my feet on the coffee table), gave Vista time to boot up, and then right clicked to click open on iTunes. I then plugged that shiny white cord into the iPhone then into the USB port. I allowed the phone to go through sync. Once that was done I checked for updates. It said that update 1.1.3 is available. No it wasn't going to update my iPhone until 1-23-08 so did what any patient man would do. I did it manually. I was reading the user agreement when I saw one of my biggest issues with the iPhone was about to be fixed. I will be able to send one SMS to multiple receipts. I almost leaped for joy.
There is a catch however. My email was about to forgo a major change. My gmail was a POP account. This means that my email was sent to my iPhone and whatever I chose to do with it I could and the email would remain in my Gmail account. Example. If I got an email that I didn't want to see on my iPhone I could delete it from the iPhone and then read it in my Gmail account once I was a PC. Not anymore. Now Gmail have made it from POP ti IMAP. This means what ever I do on my iPhone to gmail is done to the actual account. Boo Hiss!
The Phone came with other updates that are very cool. They do not account the POP to IMAP but they are cool none the less. Such has...
Bookmarks can be sent to your home screen. Now this seems like it would clutter you home screen but now you have nine pages and you can put has few bookmarks you like or up to 16 items per page. You can also rearrange your home page to suit you better.
The Maps now have some more power to them. Like say, pressing a button and a circle encloses the area that you are currently in(Maybe the next update will actually make the iPhone strong enough to be considered a GPS model, Doubtful though).The Hybrid map that gives you satellite image with the street names able to be seen is cool. Before it was street names or satellite images, You couldn't have both. You can also drop a pin and move it to where you want to start a route or book mark from the positional pin.
iTunes added a cool feature that works with the iPhone. You can now rent movies directly off iTunes then download them to your iPhone. So some very cool updates but one in a bigger bummer than the positive ones. Here are three that I would like to see the next iPhone update do.....

1. Allow multimedia messages to be sent and received on the iPhone. We all love the direct email option from our photo album but would also like to be able to sent the SMS messages to our friends phones. This would be a big plus to any one who are down for their own social network that consist of four friends and picture messages to let them see what they are doing and where they are doing it. Me I just like to take pictures of stuff and send it to my friends at random.

2. Some new wall papers. I just keep the standard picture of the earth that is set to default when you buy the iPhone. I am a little tired of it yet the other ones just do not appeal to me at all. I am stuck on that one.

3. Here is looking at you Gmail. Give me back my POP account settings and take this IMAP back.


Bernard said...

Hello bro,
Please tell me you were able to resolve the POP v.s. IMAP issue with the new update fix for the iPhone?

I too want the old way of getting my mail back and cannot figure out how to reverse this?


Travis Foulks said...

Well bernard I am sorry to say that I know of no way to fix this. If you go to your gmail account and click setting in the top right area(by your mail address) it will take you to your mail settings. Clikc on Forwarding and POP/IMAP. What you will notice is that in the IMAP setting your IMAP will still be disabled.

This means that the mail is being sent out has POP. When it hits your iPhone it will be IMAP. It is all in the firmware. No way to fix this unless the next update removes the IMAP platform from the iPhone.

It is a drag and I would much rather have POP settings but it is out of my hands and I would guess it is for anyone who uses Gmail. Sorry I could not help brother.