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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Natural Law

Natural Law- God's or nature's law that defines right from wrong and is higher than human law.

I have this new class for this term. American Government. Now I am not a too smart when it comes to the government and our policies. I even thought that we were a democracy or republic (I know nothing about our government, sad but true)! I never would have thought that we are considered a democratic-republic! The best of both worlds! That was sort of rabbit chasing, let me get back to the point.

The thing that caught me off guard when I started Blue Collar Blogger was the fact that atheist dominate the blog-a-sphere! I came from a really successful blog that was established by those who write much better than I can but I enjoy Blue Collar Blogger. I was stunned at the fact that for the first few months those who came to visit were close to 90% atheist. I had one debated that America has never been a government that place God has their head until that last 50 or 60 years. I knew this was a lie but I had no way of proving it. Until I was enrolled in my American Government class.

The very first thing that caught my mind was

Don't worry I am learning more than just natural law! I read the definition(see top) then put it in my own words!

Natural Law- God's law is supreme! God's created nature and controls it! That means that God's law always dominates! No other law is more important. Even man's law! Because God made man!

The framers knew that God should be their driving force. The one who judges right from wrong. Even if we don't agree with it! It is the way it is. God's in charge. He is right and He has laid down the law has to what is right and what is wrong! Let try to remember Natural Law! God is right!

The writer's of the constitution knew that God was the one who could sort right from wrong. They made it clear in the constitution and several things they wrote. The nation at one time was a God fearing nation. People lived by God's law. The law-less are now a huge influence on pop-culture. Sex sales! Money is life! Drinking is for those with class! Foul language is a vital element to self expression! Do what you like! It is pure anarchy. People have turned from God! We live for ourselves. Natural law is now an option in America and everywhere else! Bring God back to America!

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