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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Limited for a Bit

Hi! You have reached Blue Collar Blogger. If you are reading this message you know that I am temporarily away from blog. Probably a combination of family, school, and God have pulled me away for a while. Hopefully I will be back before long. Please pray for me and family! I will do the same for you! Thanks!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Should You Listen To God?

Because he is God!
He is Holy,
He is righteous,
He is just,
He made you,
He can break you,
He blesses you,
He lets you learn,
He is trustworthy,
He is all powerful,
He is safe,
He is friendly,
He is all knowing,
He is Everywhere,
He is Vengeful,
He is mighty,
He always as been,
He is,
He always will be,
He gave Jesus,
His Word says to,
He made the law,
He is the judge,
He is the jury,
He loves you,
When you listen to Him to you will hear Him and your life will be what it is meant to be.

Liking Blogger Draft

For about the last week I have been playing around with Blogger's new features. I enjoy the subscribtion link so that you do not have to use third party code, I love the "In this day in history", and I like the pre-post feature so that on days that I have time to blog I can put three or four post on a time release schedule that will release a new post on a set time and day. Nice!
My only knock is that we have yet to get any new templates. I would love to see at least three new templates with some new colors and formations. I guess we take what we are given and enjoy what we have!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is it Not Ironic?!

Today is April 15! Tax day. Millions of people dread this day. It is like the end of the world for some. People can spend all year complaining about this day. So I decided to research this day and see just how it as come to be the infamous day that so many despise; other than the fact that it is tax day here are two reason some people can April 15…..
On this day in the year of 1912 the Titanic sank. This resulted in the loss of over 1500 lives. The accident could have been prevented if the largest passenger ship in history had hit the iceberg head on. This would have simply breeched the first two compartments. When hit from the side it breeched 7(I believe I remember that number right). Hence the ship filled with water, rose straight up into the air, broke in half, and sank. You can now take a family tour of the beauty under water. How morbid does that seem?
In 1865 The American president Abraham Lincoln is assassinated while watching a play. Some have said that this happened on the 14th others say the 15. John Wilkes Booth was a successful actor who Lincoln had seen many times. Lincoln had stated his approval for Booth’s work. Booth was distraught at the Civil War and made plans to assassinate Lincoln and several other political leader. At one play Booth yelled out his line and pointed in the direction of Lincoln. Lincoln unaware that these actions were more than lines later went back to see Booth preform. On April 14 Lincoln was attending a play. Booth came behind Lincoln and shoot him in the head. Booth then jumped over the balcony railing. He broke his ankle in the process. Lincoln died the next morning(hence the dispute). Booth fled. He was shot and killed two weeks later by Union solders.
So it is safe to say that 15th as brought some bad news. However it as also brought some good news. Like….
James Ross discovers North Magnetic pole. Hence compass sales soared.1800
Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, is awarded the Order of Lenin.1961
First English language Dictionary Printed.1755
In Hartford, Conn. the first school for the deaf was opened.1817
Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen was liberated by Canadian and British forces. 1945
With the good comes the bad. Hey, Jesus lives! Tax day is not all that bad now is it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Windows Tip!

System not running to well? Have your tried everything in your freeware ability to fix it but just don't know where to turn now? Once you have tried Search and Destroy, AVG, CCleaner, and all the other great stuff you have downloaded over the few years, then lets see if maybe something is wrong the OS files. This could cause a number of things to go wrong. If you are sure that your system is messed up yet you do not know where to look then this could give a start.


Open the START MENU>

Click on RUN>

Type in CMD>

In Vista


In the SEARCH BOX type CMD and hit ENTER>

Now you should have the Command Prompt window up.Now do the following

Type SFC hit ENTER
Type sfc /SCANNOW
This process may take a little while to work its way through. Once it completes you will see a list off results. From this screen you will be able to tell what is wrong and/or Google an error to see what the best solution is. Just because a file is corrupted does not mean that you have to reinstall the OS. Get out your Windows boot disk and put them in the disk. From here you will be walked through the process of going into the recovery console and fixing the issue. Easy as pie!
Now that you know how to go into the Command Prompt go to Microsoft Tech Net where you will find commands for diagnosing and repairing Windows issues.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Student Given an F for Religious Art.

This day in age students have to watch what they express when dealing with religion and their beliefs that accompany them. A student at Tomah High School was given an F for their work when drawing a landscape. The assignment barred three things...
3.Sexual Content
4.Religious Icons and such.
Let me establish this, I agree that he should not have been given an A. To be completely honest the F was probably the right call. However this is in black and white. There is a grey area that needs to be addressed. Why was this student given an F when the students who doodled the other two pictures above were given an A? I am expecting someone to say, They could just be fantasy creatures which would mean that they are not religious. The assignment was suppose to be of a LANDSCAPE! How are these other two drawings of landscapes? These two kids were given an A! There is no way to argue with that. These two students also deserved an F. Not an A.
Second off I have to ask why religion is not a personal choice? It is put into the same category with blood, violence, and sex? Blood, violence, and sex can be offensive if done without any form of expression. It can also be art. Art sometimes offends people. Get over it! John 3:16 and a cross should not offend anyone. If it does then maybe you should ask yourself if you are too sensitive. God loves you and send His son to die for you so that you can live. I am failing to see how that offends people.
Third,we do have rights to practice and display our religious views. This could a be violation of it but I would say that it was more of the student being a little too stubborn. I would love to see prayer in school, creation taught, and understanding of religious beliefs from everyone. However I see no reason that this kid could not have just drawn the landscape. Do your assignments. That goes for everyone. Atheist, Christian, or what ever you are. This issue could have been handled alot better by the student and the teacher should have been none biased to this issue.
Finally in all fairness. The teacher gave the student the chance to redo the assignment and the student refused. I find no reason why the student could not do this. Suppression of religious beliefs is wrong and more so when it only applies to specific beliefs. The big issue should be that the teacher allowed A's to be given to other students that who disregarded the assignment but failed another who had at least had some landscape involved.