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Friday, April 4, 2008

Student Given an F for Religious Art.

This day in age students have to watch what they express when dealing with religion and their beliefs that accompany them. A student at Tomah High School was given an F for their work when drawing a landscape. The assignment barred three things...
3.Sexual Content
4.Religious Icons and such.
Let me establish this, I agree that he should not have been given an A. To be completely honest the F was probably the right call. However this is in black and white. There is a grey area that needs to be addressed. Why was this student given an F when the students who doodled the other two pictures above were given an A? I am expecting someone to say, They could just be fantasy creatures which would mean that they are not religious. The assignment was suppose to be of a LANDSCAPE! How are these other two drawings of landscapes? These two kids were given an A! There is no way to argue with that. These two students also deserved an F. Not an A.
Second off I have to ask why religion is not a personal choice? It is put into the same category with blood, violence, and sex? Blood, violence, and sex can be offensive if done without any form of expression. It can also be art. Art sometimes offends people. Get over it! John 3:16 and a cross should not offend anyone. If it does then maybe you should ask yourself if you are too sensitive. God loves you and send His son to die for you so that you can live. I am failing to see how that offends people.
Third,we do have rights to practice and display our religious views. This could a be violation of it but I would say that it was more of the student being a little too stubborn. I would love to see prayer in school, creation taught, and understanding of religious beliefs from everyone. However I see no reason that this kid could not have just drawn the landscape. Do your assignments. That goes for everyone. Atheist, Christian, or what ever you are. This issue could have been handled alot better by the student and the teacher should have been none biased to this issue.
Finally in all fairness. The teacher gave the student the chance to redo the assignment and the student refused. I find no reason why the student could not do this. Suppression of religious beliefs is wrong and more so when it only applies to specific beliefs. The big issue should be that the teacher allowed A's to be given to other students that who disregarded the assignment but failed another who had at least had some landscape involved.

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Mountain Mama said...

I read about this already and isn't it a crime! Our world is off kilter when they condemn the goodness of Christ and uphold the wickedness of satan.
God help us.