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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is it Not Ironic?!

Today is April 15! Tax day. Millions of people dread this day. It is like the end of the world for some. People can spend all year complaining about this day. So I decided to research this day and see just how it as come to be the infamous day that so many despise; other than the fact that it is tax day here are two reason some people can April 15…..
On this day in the year of 1912 the Titanic sank. This resulted in the loss of over 1500 lives. The accident could have been prevented if the largest passenger ship in history had hit the iceberg head on. This would have simply breeched the first two compartments. When hit from the side it breeched 7(I believe I remember that number right). Hence the ship filled with water, rose straight up into the air, broke in half, and sank. You can now take a family tour of the beauty under water. How morbid does that seem?
In 1865 The American president Abraham Lincoln is assassinated while watching a play. Some have said that this happened on the 14th others say the 15. John Wilkes Booth was a successful actor who Lincoln had seen many times. Lincoln had stated his approval for Booth’s work. Booth was distraught at the Civil War and made plans to assassinate Lincoln and several other political leader. At one play Booth yelled out his line and pointed in the direction of Lincoln. Lincoln unaware that these actions were more than lines later went back to see Booth preform. On April 14 Lincoln was attending a play. Booth came behind Lincoln and shoot him in the head. Booth then jumped over the balcony railing. He broke his ankle in the process. Lincoln died the next morning(hence the dispute). Booth fled. He was shot and killed two weeks later by Union solders.
So it is safe to say that 15th as brought some bad news. However it as also brought some good news. Like….
James Ross discovers North Magnetic pole. Hence compass sales soared.1800
Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, is awarded the Order of Lenin.1961
First English language Dictionary Printed.1755
In Hartford, Conn. the first school for the deaf was opened.1817
Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen was liberated by Canadian and British forces. 1945
With the good comes the bad. Hey, Jesus lives! Tax day is not all that bad now is it.

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