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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Windows Tip!

System not running to well? Have your tried everything in your freeware ability to fix it but just don't know where to turn now? Once you have tried Search and Destroy, AVG, CCleaner, and all the other great stuff you have downloaded over the few years, then lets see if maybe something is wrong the OS files. This could cause a number of things to go wrong. If you are sure that your system is messed up yet you do not know where to look then this could give a start.


Open the START MENU>

Click on RUN>

Type in CMD>

In Vista


In the SEARCH BOX type CMD and hit ENTER>

Now you should have the Command Prompt window up.Now do the following

Type SFC hit ENTER
Type sfc /SCANNOW
This process may take a little while to work its way through. Once it completes you will see a list off results. From this screen you will be able to tell what is wrong and/or Google an error to see what the best solution is. Just because a file is corrupted does not mean that you have to reinstall the OS. Get out your Windows boot disk and put them in the disk. From here you will be walked through the process of going into the recovery console and fixing the issue. Easy as pie!
Now that you know how to go into the Command Prompt go to Microsoft Tech Net where you will find commands for diagnosing and repairing Windows issues.

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