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Monday, February 25, 2008

Separation of Church and State....

We are going over the Constitution in American Government. When it came to the part about Church and State I was sucked into the text. It wasn't long before I came to a new conclusion about separation of Church and State. It is a good thing if we would use it right! If we look at it in the original text we can see two points of view.

1. The framers didn't want religion in the State. Why not?! Most of the framers were religious people. Religion had an influence in their lives. Most have been quoted saying things that hint toward religion or written other writings where profession of their faith. So to say that the framers wanted to keep religion from the State is a little strange.

2. What if the framers didn't want the State to corrupt religion? This seems to make more sense to me. If we keep in mind the literal translation of the Constitution and do not get to sucked in to the living and constantly changing Constitution that the supreme court has created. We will pay notice that the State is kept from influencing religion by the separation of Church and State. It is my belief that the separation of church and State is designed to keep the government from controlling the church. To keep religion pure and not defiled. If we could just use the law for what it should be used for then the law would benefit all!

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