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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Uber Bowl Sunday?!

Today is the day. It all comes down to this. Two very different teams face off! On one side we got the high flying Windows Vista on the side we have the underdog Linux Ubuntu 7.04 aka Feisty. This one proves to be a battle. Windows is a good OS(at least to me) but the curiosity of Linux is getting to me. This epic match up started months ago. With the arrival of the Ubuntu Live CD via snail mail.
Since October of 07 Linux has occasionally been booted. My only issue being my user failure of not being able to properly install the 3D-accelerated videocard drivers. Why am I struggling with it? I don't know. I locate the nvidia-glx package, mark it for installation, apply it and download it then run the proper command(or so I think): sudo nvidia-xconfig -add-argb-glx-visuals; then follow the prompts. Save then reboot. To my surprise I have failed every time.
However my stubborn side is not to let it go. I fully believe that will a little more effort I may be able to properly install my videocard drivers and manage to run Beryl like I am longing for. In case you have never witnessed Beryl you have to look no more. The picture you see above is the real deal.
I have always used Windows. Me, XP, and Vista. I have used them. I want to see a change and am looking forward to change. Here is the kicker though! I am going to control the best of both worlds. Dual Boot Baby! Yep!

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