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Monday, February 18, 2008

My Voice........

Praise God for I am blessed!
My eyes are tired and burn from lack of sleep,
Praise God I love my life,
My throat is raspy and I believe I am getting sick,
Praise you God for my health!

God my job is about to be cut,
I know that you will provide me with a new one.
My daughter is healthy and I am pleased,
Because of you she is perfect.

Praise you God for all you have done,
Thanks for the family,
Thanks for the house,
Thank you for the salvation.

I see my friends who are bitter and sad,
They don't see you are in charge!
Don't be angry and allow me to shine to them,
Let me be a beacon of light.
Don't let me fail you Lord!
My honor is great,
I am afraid everyday of not being holy.
I don't pray like I should,
I don't praise you all day.
I am ashamed to be depressed,
Because you have blessed me so much.

If I am afraid then you will deliver me,
If I am cocky you will crush me!
Thank you Jesus!

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