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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Favorite Online Stores!

I am in the middle of one of my blogger blocks. Yes that is just like a writer's block. While this post may seem generic it is true none the less. These are stores that really get me reaching for my wallet!

5. Ebay- Yeah it is alittle different then an actually store but I love the fact that you can buy some great used or new stuff for next to nothing (sometimes).

4. Tiger Direct- This is a very popular store in which you can find many many electronics for a good price. I think my favorite thing about Tiger Direct is how they set up there bare bones computers.

3. Target- While Target as actually stores all around where I live, I love the set up and simplicity of their website! It is just fun to shop at their website!

2. All Things Remembered- I only shop at this store for my wife. They have things that you know she will grow fond of and quickly. Ladies they have nice stuff for us also!

1. And my favorite store is..............NEWEGG!- I love this place! The prices, the selection, the website, the customer reviews! Everything about this site rocks! Go and check them out sometime!

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