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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Heart Goes Out!

Today a fellow blogger and a close friend of mine suffered a huge hit in his life. It is one of those things that is easy to lose control and to get frustrated on but no this guy.
My friend's job was at a company called Sports Belle. Sports Belle distributed jerseys and other athletic equipment. They even provided the uniforms for Tennessee's basketball and football teams. Well Sports Belle caught fire last night. This means that he may be out of work for a little while. I would freak out. Not my buddy though.
My friend said that no one was hurt and that is what was important. My friend commented on a news blog and the only thing he was upset about was that the local volunteer fire departments were not getting printed for their efforts to help fight the fire. I was blown away by this. I would more than likely be ranting and raving about poor pitifully me. I would demand to know what happened and deep down inside be looking for some one to blame. Not my friend.
My heart goes out to my pal who is a model citizen, a great friend, and the type of Christian that you could watch and learn what it is to be humble. Now he of course would dispute what I have said about him. He would claim that he is not that important and just trying to fight the battle with Jesus by his side. No credit, honor, or glory is ever taken by this guy. He can decline the compliments but the value that he and his wife bring to me and my wife is something that he cannot denounce.
My heart goes out to my friend and I pray that he will rebound fast and move forward(I know he will). I would say that if you need anything you can call and ask but we all know that that would be pointless. You don't ask for anything unless you ask for it in prayer! Just know my friend that we here at the Foulks House value you and your wife and we are even bold enough to say that we love you guys!

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