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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do What He Says!

I was checking out the "Ten Commandments" on ABC tonight and about the time that Joshua fled and found Moses in the wilderness, it hit me. What if we really don't listen? What if Moses never went to the bush that never was consumed by the fire? What if he was too concerned with the way he looked after coming down from Mt. Sinai, to complete what God had given him to do! Things we do or don't do that could and usually do have serious effects on our lives and those around us face us all. We just have to do what God says if we are to make the right decisions.

If Moses never went up the mountain then he would not have found out God's plan for him. Moses no doubt knew that God had a plan for him. He felt the desire that we all feel. We are pulled to wondering what is going on, who is really behind the wheel. By listening Moses found the answers that he sought. He meet God. I remember the day that I was saved I heard the call that I had several times yet ignored the voice that called me everytime . I went that day to silence the guilt and the hopelessness that I had inside of me. Moses had to do the same. If he had chosen to run from the calling of God; I believe fully that Moses would have eighter gone crazy or lived a life in which he was miserable and confused till the day he died.

When I went to the alter I came up different then when I went down. Yeah I know that most of you are expecting to here me say,"I was a new creature", and I was, but I came up with tears down my face and so many mixed emotions. Moses came down from the mountain with a faced the let everyone that he had just seen God. Hair that reflected what he had seen. If Moses would have came down and realized that he was different then when he went up and it freaked him out then he would have done what I thought about doing when I got ready to get up. He would become afraid of what people would say about him and might back down from what God called him to do. Fear is crippling to a Christian and no doubt that Moses could have been so afraid that he would have denied to do anything else that God elected him to do( had he been concerned with his looks more than God).

Without obedience to what God said then His chosen people would have to wait for some one else to be elected by God to save them. People would have died a senseless death everyday due to the rule of the Egyptians over them. If we do not do what He says then we will no doubt be kept in the same bondage that the Hebrew salves were and die after living a non purpose driven life. Listen and obey what God says to you. It is the keys to freedom and purpose.

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