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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Should I Blog if.......

I read a post earlier today that dealt with those who blog yet they shouldn't. This person claimed that she would not blog if she did not get 40+ comments each day. She stated that she visited a blog from time to time that never seemed to get any comments at all. She said that there is no way that should could blog and not people to respond. I have a different view.

Blue Collar Blogger will never rank number one on any major blog stat sites. I don't really care though. A blog is nothing more than a web-log. That is what blog literally means. I do not get alot of hits each day. The most I have ever had is 40 something. However my web-log reflects my thoughts, my life, and my faith that drives all of these things. If I only had one view over the last nine months or so I would be fine with that. This blog is a success.

I do not measure success like the rest of the world. I do not wish to get so many comments that I cannot conversate with my users. While some will not blog for more than a couple of weeks without 200 hits a day; I would blog with zero.

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