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Friday, December 14, 2007

Why Does God Let Us Suffer?

1.Suffering loosens our grip on this life. We some times get so involved in
this world that we forget what is really important and we have
to have those things removed from us.

2. Life is not forever. When others we know die we can learn that
life is a gift that is to be taken serious. We have a mission here.
We have to be willing live out that mission because we are not
promised another day. Make the choices God commands while
we can.

3. Suffering builds character. We face trial by fire. Some things we cannot
do with out experience. Patience, being forgiving toward
others, loving one another. These things come with
experience. We have to learn to do these things. Even faith
must be build with life experience. We do not know how our
faith will hold up if everything is easy.

4. Without suffering we would never get saved. Without suffering for sin
here on earth we would never know what the pain that sin
causes. We would never understand how serious sin is if we
didn’t have to pay for some it here. We would never turn
to God and we would be lost. Right and wrong and we would
not know honestly know that without pain.

5. It is our sin that causes pain. We sin we pay. We all sin. We all pay. No
way around that. Our suffering is a direct result of sin.If we
cheat or have sex before marriage we have no reason to say
I got am STD! Why God? How about if we steal and
end up in jail. Any sin will result in some type of pain. Be
prepared for the price that sin carries.

6. We learn to love God. Without the hard times we would never really know
how good God is. It is when He pulls us through the trouble
that we are in that we really know that God loves us ,thus
we begin to really love God in all His ways.

7. We forget about ourselves. Pearl Harbor, 9/11 had heroes.Heroes who
set the bar could not have done it without the suffering.
In times like that we learn to put others a head of ourselves and
that is what sacrifice is. Laying our lives on the line for some one
or something other than our well being.
This is all I have for now. God is good and He is complex. For us to understand why everything happens we would have to be completely dead and in Heaven. We could go on and on about why God does this our that but the truth is that we can never fully understand Him. The only thing that gets me through alot of things that I deal with is knowing that God does everything for a reason. I don’t understand but my God knows what He is letting happen. Trust is key to facing your suffering.

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