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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why I Love Esther.

Tonight I have a term paper due in my critical thinking class. We have an open forum. Anything goes. My first thought was should I do it? Just jump out there with a former Sunday School lesson? I ponder for about a week and then another classmate of mine informed me that she wanted to Job. I was blown away! Wow here is my sign! Do it.

How ever instead of a former lesson I made the choice to go ahead and tell why I loved the book that the lesson was on. Not the Bible in general but one specific book out of it. Hence you guessed from the title.

I may have stated before in another post, I love, love , love the book of Esther. Did you know that it is still debated by some that it should even be in the Bible. The reason is understandable to an extent. Not one time are the following mentioned......

God, Jesus, Lord, Prayer, Salvation, or any other religious ritual!

Never in Esther is it mentioned. You hear of fast but it is never said to be a fast of religious beliefs. I better watch out how use that word religion. I was informed that I should never use it when describing my beliefs. Maybe a post for another day! Any way, Esther never directly points to God. That is the main reason I love Esther also! What?! What did that Blog Guy say?!?!?!

I love that because although He is not mentioned in the book it is evident that He is there. The way He set Esther to become queen. How God's chosen people (the Jews) were saved from certain death. God delivered them in a way that is not obvious unless you are looking for Him. It is then that you find Him (Are you starting to follow?) How much does that relate to salvation and how we have to get it? We don't find God until we look. God does not force Himself on us! Atheist see no God in life and the things that happen it because they are not looking for God. If some one was to stop and reflect on all the things that God had to have done for them to happen, the evidence would rock them! God is evident but invisible to those who don't open their eyes.

Ever thought or been asked why God doesn't work today like He did back in those good ol' O.T. days?! Look no closer than Esther. You will quickly see that God does. He doesn't work in any bight shining miracles. No water to wine, no walking on the water, no giant earthquakes, no floods, nothing that will make you say how did that happen? It is all personal! Everything God did in Esther was mold the characters you read about into what He needed them to be at the exact time that they needed to be that person. Is working through people. I love that. It shows that God is the same today has He was then!

For the most part I love it because of how well it relates to my relationship to God is. I don't always see God in my life. Sometime I have to look really hard to see how He is working and what He wants me to do. I don't always see the works of God. None the less He is working. Just like in Esther.

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BigDadGib said...

A true love story, the book of Esther.
How could you not love it.

Great post