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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Are you banned?

For awhile now my friend has been baned from China's world of blogging. I have recently been inducted into this list. To find out of you are banned in China go to...
Great Firewall of China


Writer, Splinters of said...

I am not so sure about this site. It also noted that was blocked.


Blog Guy said...

That would be correct my friend. Google is in fact banned in China. At least every source I have check says the same thing. E bay and many other big name company's are also banned in China. Hence if you order off of e bay and the listing says that it is a company in China then it is more than likely drop shipping or a crook.

Not saying you think I would lie to you but here a few links to help assure of it.


Now don't think that Google hasn't countered. Google and China meet an agreement that has a form of Google. In it there are certain things that China requires censorship on. So yes they have severs in China but it is all censored by the PSB. They really have a Great Firewall. It shows why I am happy to be in America.