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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shadow of the Cross

A little while ago my buddy Rob left the church we attend to go where he believed God was leading him. Rob is a stand up guy. He works hard to see that the Lord's work is accomplished. His journey has taken him to Wichita Kansas where he now helps with the ministry know has Shadow of the Cross.
Shadow of the Cross is a unique ministry in which the team is unlike no other. Rob is goth and is using that to reach other people who are goth. When I first meet Rob I had no idea what kind of man he was. Rob goes about doing the work of God like no other I have ever meet. The links provided in the post will take you their ministry home page where you can learn about some of the good things that they are doing. It is still early in the ministry but I fully believe that God will bless them and is already blessing them.
If you are like me your first thought was goth and God? That sort of goes against each other. Not really. The way we dress has little to do with being goth or involved with God. I see him reaching out to a group that I could never reach out to. Remember that just because someone isn't the image that you expect to see sitting in the pew beside that no way reflects the relationship they have with God.

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bigdadgib said...

wow, I would like to know more about this. Thanks for pointing Rob out for me.