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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Medicated in Church....

Last night I had take a short trip to the hospital. I had managed to get an infection on my finger tip. It runs at the tip of the index finger and runs slightly under the nail. First of I never knew that an infection would hurt like this does. The infection has made the finger very tender and it is times like this that you realize how much you use you finger.
After I left the Tennessee game I noticed the infection was large. Prior to this I thought that I had cut the nail too short and that was the reason for the tenderness in the finger. How ever now it was evident that it was something else that needs some attention. The fine staff at SMHS immediately confirmed what I had thought. It was an infection. So they write me a prescription for salfameth and hydrocodone. Now normally i would ask for non narcotic but if you have ever been to the doctor you know that waiting to get you prescription is what most of the wait is. So I just chose to take it this one time. Now I am not a fan of narcotic drugs and I believe that treatment is possible without using more addictive drugs when less addictive substitutes are available.
So I woke up this morning and took my pills like a good little patient. I am not a drug user and therefor it doesn't take much to give me a little buzz. My legs were more limber than normal and I had some free mind wandering. My words had to be thought out little more than normal. Now has we were driving there I couldn't help but think this is so morbid. I didn't like not feeling inspired to worship. Going through the motions with out any real focus on God.
That got me thinking. How many times do I just not get it. Do I go to church on Sunday morning and just go through the motions? Is it like this every Sunday? Well, no. However I am not on fire like I should be. I am luke warm. How many Sunday's do I go to church and not give my all. Probably close to 90 percent of the time. I don't want to be slightly medicated. I don't want to be in an altered state of consciousness. I want to be focus and ready to sing a sweet song to the Lord. I have to make a change here. Things cannot be luke warm in this department. My desire for God has to be all or nothing. It has to be 100 percent. I pray that the Lord will help to set my soul on fire for Him. I don't want to be a medicated Christian.

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