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Sunday, November 11, 2007


God can seem confusing(though He is not). It is not always easy to see what He is saying. Much like the title of this post-GODISNOWHERE.
Now most people will see this has saying….
God is nowhere
Others however will see it has saying…..
God is now here
We may not always really get what God is saying to us so, before you make a choice on what you believe God is telling you to do. Then look closely and ask yourself is this what I see for myself or is what God showing me.

This is an older post of mine that I enjoy. I saw the GODISNOWHERE some where a long time ago and cannot remember where. I thought it was brilliant to see put the words together and see what people see. In this I also see the atheist who says God is no where, and the Christian who responds God is now here. Both have something they can stand on. The saying can be converted to mean which ever the other one wants. Maybe it is being bias. Maybe it is having an understanding of God. Knowing that He is here is a complex thing that is simple. You stick with God. If you are touch by Him and know that He is real, then you stay true to Him. In time you will begin to gain understanding, faith, and stronger relationship bonds between you and God. You other option is to go explore manipulated bones. Use tools that have been found to be inaccurate, yet the are kept because it is all they have right now. You may even be prompted to learn a fallacy or two so that you can try to crush Christians with you great God rejecting mind. Chose your side. Make a smart, safer, non-selfish move. There are four places most people believe you can go and only one of them is joyful. There is option for me. It is with Jesus Christ.

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