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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Web Site Watch!

Do you have a good vocabulary? Do you want one? Want to see how much you know? How about doing this while feeding the hungry? Sound good of course it does! To my atheist reader they are not a Christian site.
At you play a game. The point of the game is to attempt to answer the questions you are given. The questions are all about vocabulary! You are asked to define the word you are given. If you guess it right the people who operate it have it set up so that they can donate 10 grains of rice. You may be thinking 10 grains of rice?! That isn't enough? Picture this. 100 Grains of rice is a plate. If you answer 30 of these questions correct then you provide three meals. You get smarter(according to our standards which base IQ off of vocabulary) and people get feed.
I am asking that you help to promote this site. It is legit. I assume they fund their rice through ad sense has it is clearly visible at the bottom. Me and my Psychology teacher are in a completive grid lock. I cannot get past having 25 points. She is at 41 and stays between 41 and 39. So go have fun, learn, and help to feed somebody.

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