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Monday, October 15, 2007

Current Blog Rankings

So what if we don't get 400 or more hits a day. If one person was to read this blog in the last 90 days I would call it success. That one mean that one person had to see a post, some scripture, or just clean topics. I don't think the world has the right view on success. We believe that without individual achievements we are nothing important. That is the American view. Our nation is considered and individualist nation. Meaning we focus on personal achievements. Don't believe me then look at our newspapers or the ads for the Army.
"Be an Army of one!"(Something along those lines)
Where as other nations (not all but some) are collectivist. They promote functioning as a unit. In everything. From work, to their family, to play, to care giving. They accomplish their task so that the nation will function as a unit. That is the way it works. Compare these two examples...
"Come and work for "Blue Collar Blogger!"here you are reward with feedback for your insight on topics that you love."
Compared to..
"Come and help "Blue Collar Blogger" be read. Work as a team to accomplish goals that help everyone around you grow."
Which one do you think you would more than likely read in America? See my point?! With that said I do find fun in watching things like the Technorati's blog rankings from time(I guess I have some of the individualist mentality that I just described). While "Blue Collar Blogger" is not considered a success by most. I enjoy my writing and the choice to express myself to be alike and different. So without any more waiting the new ranking as of today, October 15,2007 is.....


Here are the past rankings..

July 30,2007-7,951,183

September 9,2007

Today's- 1,644,723

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