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Monday, October 1, 2007

Can Faith Help You?! No not one bit!

"And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven." James 5:15
What can faith do? Can it heal the sick? Can it cleanse sins? Can it be the factor that says heaven or hell for you? No not all! Faith does not have one merit on where you go. Let me break it down for you...
A man says that he has faith that he can move mountains and tells you he will. He looks to the snowy top and yells " Be overturned and crumble!" Nothing happens.
A woman goes to a hospital and looks at all the sick people and then says "My faith has healed you. You are no longer sick." The person never gets any better.
Last one. A man is standing before God and says " I have faith that today you will let me into heaven and I will see all of the beauty that rest just beyond this gate." He does not go there.
Now you might be saying that faith is what we need to get into those pearly gates and see the the glory of eternal life. I tell you only if you put it in the right thing. Faith avails nothing with out Jesus being the one you are faithful to and have faith in. Nothing else. Without God driving your faith you stand no chance of doing any of these things at all. God is the one has to move. You don't move the mountain on your own will. God is the one who lifts it up and cast it aside.
All the things that we accomplish in this world are driven by faith in something but the miracles are driven not by just faith but faith by God cause them to happen. Your faith is only as good as where you place the faith. If I have faith that I will be the one to cure the sick then I am mistaken. Only God heals. Faith is dead without Jesus being the one who your faith is given to.


DaVinci said...

By what method does faith work? How is it testable? How is it falsifiable?

Blog Guy said...

Faith works by having hope in things you cannot see. Like say... evolution in the process of it happening. There is no evidence that captures any creature in the process of evolving but you belief it. Faith works similar. I believe in God though I do not physically see God's presence. I do however see ways that He has worked in my life, other's lives around me, and nature.
Faith is testable by trying the evidence for the existence of God and the seeing where the facts add up. Once you compare both sides of the tale you will then see where your faith is. Is it in God or do you place it in other things. Faith is tested by how much you comprehend God's work. Where one person will see a family that is poor and needy another may see a family that is blessed and fulfilled with great relationships between each other. One who has no faith in God being good, will see it has a punishment. While another(strong in faith toward God)will see it as a strong point for them to grow together and to love each other.It is tested by how mush you trust God to be fair, just, and loving.
It is falsifiable only when the person or thing it is driven towards is flawed. Hence faith in my God is not falsifiable. My God has been around long before we considered evolution a science. Back when evolution was a ancient pagan religious belief my God was still before it. He will be around long after people claim intelligently designed life to have derived from primitive life forms.