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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Who are you preaching to?(linked post)

The following is the the first segment of a good post over at Biblical Preaching.
Preaching can be considered a relatively simple equation. You try to get the biblical message to the people sitting in the pews. Yet we so easily give all our effort to one half of that equation. We may study the passage for hours, but give little or no thought to the listeners. So next Sunday, who will you be preaching to?
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Spanish Inquisitor said...

No one.

Preaching to children=indoctrination

Preaching to adults=bullshit

I hate indoctrination and bullshit. Both are a waste of time. And the former is arguably child abuse.

BTW, congrats on your recent marriage. L'Chaim (I'm not Jewish, but I always liked that toast - "To Life")

The Good Reporters said...

Enjoy your site. Very interesting.

Blog Guy said...

Easy on the language there SI.

Thanks for the congrats.