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Monday, October 1, 2007

Web Site Watch...

This is the first in a series I may keep on a regular basis. It works like the title. Surfing the web can be a pain. I was searching for reviews of college institutions and realized that other than big name schools it is hard pressed to find a good review on a school. That was surprising to me seeing how the one I was searching for deals with information technology(they have to be producing some nerds,and nerd is not a negative word to me). I assumed (which never goes good for me) that someone would have written a blog review, discussed it in an open forum, or bashed it somewhere (everything can get negative feedback for something).
The best site I found is While it didn't give me the school's student reviews, it is simple to compare any school to any other school you can think of. You can compare three at one time side by side. You can find information on admissions,sports, international students,if it's public or private, their deadlines, the campus life(although it is summed up in one word),and tuition. This web site makes it simple to find what you need. For instance... if you were to click on "Am I on track" it would tell you what you needed to do to meet the requirement to enroll. So if you or some one you know is searching for a college they could easily go here and compare. it.

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