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Friday, October 12, 2007

Who's your Buddy?

How true is this picture? For some not all that true. Well I would say for most. Not just for the lost but the saved also(This will probably get a comment asking who is lost,I believe the lost to be any who have not accepted Jesus has their savior). We have alot of people in our Church today who don't understand something really important about Jesus. He is our friend. To any person there are four stages of relationships between themselves and others.
1. Stranger
2. Acquaintance
3. Friend
4. Enemy
To the lost He is a stranger. To the prayer warriors He is a friend. To those who challenge them He is their enemy. to most He is the guy you see outside while you mow and wave but never even think about going over to talk to Him. He is there. He greets you and you greet Him. He blesses you with a chance for friendship and you are too busy to stop and talk. He comes over to talk to you and you just want Him gone so you can get back to the game.
Jesus wants to talk to you and wants to be your close friend that you talk to on a daily basis whenever you can. He want to be the guy that without Him there you don't want to watch the game. He is God but He is also your friend. Even those who don't want to know Him He wants to be a friend with. Have you ever done that in school. Wanted to meet some body and when you do you find out they really have no interest in you or they just plain dislike you. Maybe you knew some one that gave you that look and when you were in the same room you had that thick atmosphere that made it hard not to notice they didn't like. We do that to Jesus. We let Him know we don't want Him by not praying, not reading His word, not allowing Him to be part of our lives no matter how hard He tries, by just not looking at Him. He knows what you mean with that! He wants to be a friend to you, to me, to everyone.
If I had to choose one friend for life I would want the friend who raised the dead. The one who loves me and will forgive me no matter how screwed(sorry about the language) up I am. He wants me! Why would I not want Him? Lets get the word out that Jesus is our friend!everyone should know this. Look at the picture! It is true guys and gals. Who is your Buddy? It could be Jesus! Let Him in!

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