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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It really is sad to me.....

They don't believe in God. They choose not to believe that they are created but rather believe that they were able to evolve from other life. Yet the statics say that the odds for evolution to happen would be 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 123. Just so you know that is impossible. You would have a better chance of finding a leprechaun. So why do they stick to their guns. They think that they will change what we believe, they like joke at others belief systems,they are able to accept anything they are told , or just want to debate. One of those four if not all of them can the average atheist fall into.
Why do they write entire blogs about a lies against God? Why waste their time to try to disprove something they don't believe in? Deep down inside they know. Yeah that is why they do it. They have that feeling in the pit of their stomach that says God is alive and He loves them. They fight it with their words and actions to try and make it go away. Wouldn't it be great if they were to all accept it.God has great plans for the atheist if they would stop fighting them.
I have heard it said by many of them that they were once Christian. No they weren't. If they had been they would have loved God and loving being more than feelings they wouldn't, no they couldn't turn away from Him.They would have been committed to Him. They were probably raised in a Christian family. They probably went through the motions of Church, and revivals, and maybe even prayed. However that doesn't make you a Christian. When you are Christian you dedicate your life to God. Separating yourself from the world to live a holy life.You accept His Son to be you savior. It is impossible to be a Christian and not live your life from that moment on for God. That is not what a Christian is. A Christian will profess their faith till the day they die. Seeing how they say they were once a Christian and now are atheist implies the following. They are alive and therefor are not a Christian due to the fact that they didn't dedicate their life to Him if they no longer follow Him. Don't believe that mess of "I was once a Christian." That is a trap by satan to make you think that they may be alot like you and you should give what they say some credit. Research it without being bias.You will find God to be real.
Most of them will say that science shows evidence of evolution. They all must have ran carbon dating test, used radiometric dating first hand, been there when fossil's were discovered, seen evidence first hand that proves that it happened. However over 95% of them refer to books and other peoples writings. They don't refer to their own work in the fields. They call them scholars and brilliant minds. All the while showing bias toward the answers they want. Anyone who believes the opposite is living out childhood fantasies. If they had they chance to use a double blind method and lay their hands on fossils or run radiometric dating they would be lost by the results. They take the words of people who think like them and never question what they say. Quoting authors like what they say is absolute fact without any debate or searching to see if the evidence can be viewed another way. They seem not to use critical thinking. Then call us ignorant.
Most of the atheist blogs I read love to blog about Christian's who fall short and commit sins. Why? What concern is to them? They Bible stats that "everything we think or imagine is bent toward evil from childhood".Genesis 8:21
Let me break that down even more. We are going to sin and God knows it. He knows it. So why display it for the world.God already has done that!Our how about tell of evil all people do. Some try to hide it.Like this one here....
Atheist in the prison system...
2% of the State and Federal Inmates are Atheist
The atheist only commit 2 % of the crime? Yeah but here is the kicker..
Atheist make up 14% of the population in North America! All in all if you have the numbers lined up and do the math the numbers are the same. There are just less if them so the margin looks small. 2 out of 14 atheist will go to prison. Same thing for Christian's and other beliefs.They don't tell you that. People commit crime not God.
I was reading recently about how an atheist claimed the death of Cassie at Columbine has never been confirmed to be about God. Referring to the little girl who lost her life for saying that she believed in God. Yes it has! Her classmates who were right beside her and got her blood stained on their clothes witnessed this happen. All people are sinful. I guess since science cannot prove it ,even with many who were witness to it, that it is cannot be said to be true. That is grasping at straws.
Why my blog disrespected with foul language when it is cleared said at top to be a clean site? Who knows. The chat rooms and other blogs were already cluttered with crude uncivilized words that they had to try to containment my site. It won't happen. This blog is God driven. If you cannot handle that then maybe you should stay away. I will not change it, will not shut it down, will not allow the worlds beliefs to spill over and chase of the readers I have who wish to visit a clean site. I will continue to use Blue Collar Blogger to spread the Word of God. If you want to visit and talk civilized then come and visit. If you want come over and leave rude, ill, or foul remarks then don't bother. IT WILL NOT BE POSTED.
This blog is owned and operated by a servant of God who will serve the word of God not matter who likes it or dislikes. Bottom line I am here for God. I will spend my life telling you, your kids, and any one else I meet about God. Like it or not that is the way it is.

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Great post.
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