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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Golden Compass...

Phillip Pullman hates the work of C.S. Lewis. He is an atheist. He has made a movie that is the exact opposite of the Chronicles of Narnia.
Nichole Kidman has the starring role. This movie slickly dumbs down your kids into getting them to watch what the atheists believe to be truth.
The Golden Compass is set to release in theaters on December 7, 2007.
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Spanish Inquisitor said...

Well, if Bill Donahue is against it, I'm for it. That smug little (trying to think of a clean word here) rectal orifice is almost as obnoxious as Bill O'Reilly. Actually more. The best recommendation for me is an objection from him. And vice-versa.

What are you Christians afraid of? Your beliefs in your bible and your god and your way of life are true, indubitably, right? Surely they could withstand a little criticism in the guise of a fictional book and movie, no?

Blog Guy said...

Afraid Of? Nothing
Worried about Word and the one who is Truth? Never
Criticism? Yes we can take it.
However the issue here is that this movie contaminates our children. For no reason other than hate of religions has this movie been made. If some one wants to make a movie about witches and warlocks, the tooth fairy, disbelief in God, then go ahead. But call it like it is. Don't try to sugar coat it so that every person who goes to see it doesn't realized what it is about. Be upfront and honest. Surely that it something that is honored. Well probably not. Our generation is being slowly but surely sucked into the belief that have faith is wrong. Our nations values are being flushed away. Hate of people for what they believe is wrong. The same reason that many atheist claim to dislike Christians and our God, they themselves would condemn us to die for our beliefs.

Nicest Girl said...

His Dark Materials is a fairly famous set of books. Anyone who goes to see it and does not know about the author and background of the book.. .. that is their own fault, not the movie-makers.
This movie does not contaminate children. It is fantasy. It contaminates children as much as any other fantasy novel can. If you have your faith in -insert god here- and tell your children that this movie and book series is a fantasy then you have nothing to worry about. In fact, children will most likely not even understand the religious undertones to the movie. If you treat this movie and set of books as a direct threat to your religion then 1) your faith must not be that strong if words from an unbeliever can shake you so badly and, 2) you're going to plant the seed for "corruption" in your children by making out to be such a horrible film/book series that is somehow "true" and an "attack".

Also, nowhere in the book does Pullman say he hates the people who practice religion. He is simply anti-religion. It's like you say... "hate the sin, not the sinner". Right? And... no one (in modern America where this conflict between secularism and religion ha has become so strong) said that Christians should be condemned to death for what they believe. In fact, over the centuries... it was definitely the opposite.

Have you ever read the books?

Blog Guy said...

Nicest Girl,
I am aware of this man is and what he writes. Any children's story that has a hidden message in it is wrong. Such has this one. I didn't like "Narnia" for the same reason. Be up front.
I assume that you are familiar with what subliminal messages are? Now here is the thing. Most people are not likely to fall victim of the messages hid all around us. How ever, a person who doesn't know to pay attention to them and doesn't have an the processing skills to understand what they are truly seeing falls subject to these messages. That category contains the adults who are not aware of what these messages and children who have yet to be trained to observe what you see.
In his book and his movie this statement is made....
"a very powerful and convincing mistake(speaking about Christianity)"
It is very plain to me the message that Pullman want to put out there. Sadly enough alot of people won't look up what a movie or book is about before they take there kids to see it. They see this preview that deems the movie to be good and childlike and then they let them go to see it or mistakenly go to see it. Yes shame on there part but the omission form the nation's eyes and ears as to what nature of these movies and books convey is omission. They know that if they go around telling people about how this movie bashes God they will lose money.
My faith is strong. Make no mistake. However allowing children to go and see movies that discuss things of this nature( about God and the adult content) is wrong of any parent.
I am going to keep them from seeing a movie like this based on the fact that it is not something that kids should see. It would be corruption for them to see it. It is an attack. Statements like the ones made in this movie and these books directly attack God. They won't win but we will not give them the time of day non the less.
"And... no one (in modern America where this conflict between secularism and religion ha has become so strong) said that Christians should be condemned to death for what they believe. In fact, over the centuries... it was definitely the opposite"
Really? You cannot think about any crimes committed against people for being Christian? It was all the Christian's doing all the murder. I said it murder. There are times when people who belong to my beliefs go off the deep end and kill. That happens. No more than when atheist go to public schools and shoot a girl in the head for being Christian. Google the terms like "kill Christians" or "slaughter the Christian's"
I have managed to find four petitions by searching through the pages. Now that makes me believe that some do.

Jacob said...

hey, blog guy.

yeah, we threw out our narnia books a long time ago. something about witches and magic powers and stuff? after all, we dont believe in harry potter, right?

i agree that people should be up-front with messages and intentions. but you cant really expect it from hollywood. ive watched many a kids movie with subliminal messages promoting all kinds of appaling immorality. yet other christians smilingly nod along, oblivious to the themes and patterns their children are being sensitized to.

this, among others reasons, is why im not much for movies. in part, my solution to the whole thing is just to steer clear secular movies and tv altogether. i dont advocate this as a hard fast rule for everybody, its just my personal rule of thumb.

good discussion starter though. :)

peace! --jacob

PS: i know ive made some controversial statements here; please dont assume im a hard-headed extremist. maybe i am, but i try not to be. so i wont be upset if you tell me im wrong. :D i just hope im not discouraging or upsetting others!