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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Scientists Admit:Evolution Not Supported By Facts

Found a good over at Chick Publications. Here are some the things this man talks about in it...
1.Evolutionists Great Con Men
2.Do Fossils Prove It?
3.But What About Those Bones?
4.But the World Is So Old...Isn't It?
5.Carbon-14 Will Tell Us...Won't It?
6.When Did Dinosaurs Really Live?
7.Why Do They Do It?
This reading is all leading up to a book but for a short 5 minute read it is pretty good. I don't agree with evolutionist being con men but to each his own I suppose. Click here for the read.

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DaVinci said...

Check out some actual scholarly articles,
You might also want to read this;
Especially the last couple of paragraphs.