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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They Got Him!(Johnia Berry)

The search is over. After almost 3 years. The suspected killer(Tyler Lee Olson)of Johnia Berry is now behind bars. He was caught. I found out on my honeymoon and I was more excited than I though I would. The family of Johnia Berry has been through a battle on this one. The local police were not wanting to give this story much coverage and the family wasn't having it. They fought and fought to get the man who killed their daughter. The local authorities wouldn't let any outside agency (that did demand involvement..FBI and TBI) to get involved and even turned down Americas Most Wanted who badly wanted to help with the case.
While I do encourage prayer and love for this young man I have to let it be said that I am all for justice. So lets pray that he finds God(if already hasn't) and that He repents fully of His sins.
Read more about it, see, and hear audio/video about this case at WBIR

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