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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Surprise Post....

What a night last night was. The rehearsal, the dinner, meeting the family members on her side that I had never even heard of. Then the "bachelor Party" which was a blast(and was safe for young children, no dancing women or any of that mess).
We chose the Holiday Inn to crash at because of the 24 hour pool. There was an issue where they tried to tell us it was closed but was later reopened for us by management(or a refund was needed.We called before we came and was told the pool is open and is always open to the guest of the establishment. We were never told it was under construction and closed. It was having concrete work down about 20 feet away from it). We had a blast. The highlight had be four guys who had never played racket(probably not spelled right) ball before playing with their own rules(It was dodge ball for us).
we enjoyed the 10x10 fitness center and even thought about playing Super Mario Brothers at an unbelievable 6.95 per hour(for Mario?). However don't think I am complaining. We all were able to relax and have a good time. Yeah this post really has no point other than my collecting thoughts and helping to ensure that I preserve the memories.
We managed to sleep around 6 a.m. and had to get up at 6:30 a.m.. I had to head of to Gatlinburg to get the cabin keys, Mike needed to go and get a hair cut and Everette had to go play in a Football Game. Ever seen Varsity Blues? Remember the part where they stumbled out of the bar and got rocked by the other team? Yeah the only missing was AC/DC playing Thunderstruck. 26 to 7 the opponents way. He will be okay though. He is now sleeping. Mike suggest that I chug Red Bull on the way up and sip one on the way back. Does that stuff work for any body out there? All it did for me was have me make an extra stop at a C-Store and twitch a little(lack of sleep may be the culprit in the twitching though.
All in all I am really looking forward the ring that will be locked on my finger but more important to me is the woman who will give me the ring. Even with my eyes needing an entire bottle of Clear Eyes I see that today will be a great day. Our fellowship with God will be joined and we will be able to worship Him on a whole other level. Wow! How great is our God guys and gals? He points us where should go and when we move in that direction we are overwhelmed with he beauty of His work. I looked to the clouds when we left the motel this morning and I say pink clouds and then I looked up a little later and the sky above was a gradient blue with pink showing in the sun's spot in the sky. The clouds now were a brilliant purple. The with such a slow, graceful pace that you knew that God was there. Just one of those moments we have were we can say I feel God's hug! I am surrounded by love. Wow.
Please be kind with the comments on typos for this post. I really want to get to bed and am not proof reading or spell checking at all.

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