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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Once Again Limited Posting

I will not be posting anything from Friday to next Wensday. I will be getting married this Saturday and will not be taking my computer with me, I feel that it is the time in which the rest of the world should be blocked out from your life and you and your new wife can really focus on each other and the directions you want to go.
A honeymoon is not all about the sex has so many believe it is. It is time to allow our bond together to grow into new levels. We both hope to walk away from this trip with a renewed since of who we are together and what we can achieve together. I fully believe that God has very big things planned for us in the very near future. I just pray that we can utilize the tools he gives us and love each other the way He loves us.
So hopefully Wensday and Thursday night I will have more time to write and work on my typing and spelling skills, and with any luck entertain, educate, or move some one in the direction that God is calling them.


Writer, Splinters of said...

Congratulations and wishing you both the best! Always remember your commitments to each other and God.


shonari said...

Well Congratulations...i hope your honeymoon is in my island home, Jamaica. Nuff blessings